1. Hyde

    Is Ghostrider a GCI now?

    Was recently in discussion on top favorite GCI coasters, and realized that I still have Ghostrider classified as a CCI in my rankings. While I typically air on the side of keeping a roller coaster category to its original designer unless significantly and purposely rebuilt or re-designed, ala...
  2. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Knotts Berry Farm Announced Knotts Beary Tales Returning 2020

  3. kenny cook

    Knotts Soak City- Trip Report!!

    Hey y'all, so a couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get the chance to head on down to the newly refurbished Knotts Soak City, and while it was mobbed, I still had a fantastic time!! Here's a quick run through of my day (with no pictures as I didn't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable) --...