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How physically fit are you?

I am..

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Hyper Poster
Im not on about attractiveness here! Since having Jason Ive realised just how unfit I was. Thus have joined a gym and plan to get to the fittest I have ever been.

Would you say your super fit, moderately fit, not very fit, really unfit? Im voting not very fit.


I'm voting moderately fit for myself...

I'm not fat and I win when I do the 100 metres... My BMI is between 18 and 27... But I don't have any toned muscles, no six pack or anything.
My cholesterol is okay and blood pressure is fine. I'm have the ideal weight for my height.

I'm not doing too bad, but not "OmGzzz!!!11 I cn destroy evry ting!!!!!!111"


Mega Poster
I don't know, I think I might be super fit as I'm good at most sports and I'm always going out to do sports and have a super 6 Pack :p I'm just under 10 stone at almsot 6 foot and not chubby or skinny. So super fit I am :lol:


Giga Poster
danthecoasterman said:
I'm just under 10 stone at almsot 6 foot and not chubby or skinny. So super fit I am :lol:

Im 8 stone, 5'8 and not fat either.

i do a lot of sports and stuff that keeps me fit and also have a pretty good diet.

Im going to go with Super fit :lol:


Strata Poster

I'm about 5 '9, and i way about 9 stone, yet im skinny.

I'm extremely toned, full 6 pac and muscles etc... but no fat underneath. So i guess that's why im aight at cross-country and long distance running etc...

So stamina wise, i'd probably say super fit. However, i've noticed a huge slide in my stamina lately, but i'd still class myself as being extremely in shape.

Thrill Yeti

Roller Poster
I would say I'm moderatley fit. I weigh almost 6 stone and I am just about 5 foot. I have a very good diet but I dont do an incredible amount of exercise(6 hours a week I think it is). So I would say I am moderatley fit.


Hyper Poster
^6 stone? Are you serious? I thought 6 stone is the average weight of an 11 year old! But then again you said you weren't that tall, but still!

Anyway, I'm not a sport addict and I don't do much sport, but I'm quite good at tennis, and I powerwalk EVERYWHERE; To and from school which is 1.5 miles each way, to town which is about 2 miles each way and I can do it in about ? hour and other places.

Basically I'm not trying to stunt my growth by working out at 15 to get a six pack and muscles, but I'm not a lazy idiot. I can do at least 8 or 9 on the "bleep test". So I'm not fat and I'm not thin.

Moderately fit probably.


Mega Poster
Ugh Bleep test, I got between 9 and 10 I think. At my school aswell we do a timed run which is something like a 3 mile run. I scored my best last year at 14mins 59secs.


Giga Poster
Oh we do a 12 minute Cooper Run which is basically running in a circle for 12 minutes.

I'm moderately fit. Going to a gym soon but I have awful arms, ugh, i can't do many press-ups. Sit-ups are alright and I'm okay at Sports. I'm not very tall at all which is quite an advantage for football, but not really for rugby.

I'm more a basketball and a gymnast than a contact sportsman.


Roller Poster
Super fit quite easily. Most of my muscles are toned except stomach. I've got up to around 14/15 on bleep test but ain't done for a while now.

I can play a full 5 sets of tennis for a good 3/4 hrs easily.


Giga Poster
I aint very. I hate any sport but I do like a good bike ride. Last weekend, I done a 10.3 miles.


Hyper Poster
I'm not exactly really fit but I'm not unfit.

I do some sports and I don't struggle doing them, so I'm fit enough.


I wouldn't say super fit. Super fit suggests people would go "Dayumn dood! That is some proppa 'ardcore musculation you got goin' der" when I take off my shirt. When they're really just like.."hmm....":p
Calling myself super fit just seems wrong. It wouldn't be a lie, but it'd be streching the truth too far..

I'm probably more than moderately fit though. I'm much fitter than people who could still call themselves moderately fit. I get about 11ish in the bleep test..
In the coming years I aim to be super fit though :)


Mega Poster
jack said:
I've got up to around 14/15 on bleep test

Wow, thats good. I was watching this programme about Wayne Rooney and he done the bleep test, but I can't remember what he got. But I do remember that the average for footballers is around 13. So your well on track :p


Giga Poster
For someone overwight and a smoker/drinker I don't think I'm terribly unfit... I'm by no means a health freak but I can run andplay football, tennis etc....

And I do do weights everynight along with 100 sit-ups and 20 press-ups a day (which will increase over time).

I'll say moderatly fit.


Social Media Team
Social Media Team

I can play sports, I just hate them, and have an attention span.

So, yeah, moderately.


Hyper Poster
I would say I am moderately fit, but that has been going down recently, but I do play a bit of rugby during the winter term at school and I can do a 4km run in 15mins at croscountry, so yer I belevie that I am moderately fit.


Roller Poster
Moderately, I am a sports freak though, I'm into all sports apart from Gymnastics and Netball...ugh. But I do need to start working out more.:lol:


Hyper Poster
Not as fit as I once was, although I am doing something about it now.

When I was in my teens, I did football twice a week and Karate 3 times a week so I was certainly in the superfit bracket then. The Karate stopped when I started work fulltime although the football continued, albeit on a part time basis. That then disappeared about 10 years ago with work.

So for the last 10 years I have been a lazy slob :oops: