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Guinness Park will be a park that has nothing but intense, speedy, tall, and amazing coasters. Each of them breaking a world record. The park itself will have the record for most coasters in one park (though I doubt the land you have available in Planet Coaster will let me build that many coasters but we'll see).

I'm still developing the plan for the park. I plan to break Kingda Ka's height record, Formula Rossa's speed record, Steel Dragon's length record, and Smiler's inversion record with four different coasters. I was also planning on breaking the wooden coaster records. Such as Beast's length record and Lightning Rod's speed record.

And if you feel a little too overwhelmed, there are some flat rides around that will... calm you down... I guess...

I need ideas for other records to break. Help!
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If you had talent with video production; Most Misleading Rollercoaster Marketing (Thirteen).
Build a children's coaster but market it with fake videos and fliers to make it look like Saw: The Ride.
Then release a genuine video.
Why, exactly? :emoji_confused: