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Gröna Lund | Monster | B&M Invert | 2021


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I'll agree that the horror type marketing has been done to death in the UK from about 2008 onwards, as Merlin seem almost incapable of producing anything but, but equally, looking back into the 90s and the likes of Nemesis & Oblivion, their predecessors were bloody good at it.

That said, the GP (and me, if I'm honest) want to hear about rides that can actually scare them.


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I think horror marketing has made coasters something that people do just to prove their bravery or get over their fears rather than being something that they truly enjoy, like us enthusiast. I rarely talk about my coaster enthusiasm with GPs because if I tell them that I have ridden the fastest or the tallest roller coaster in the world they will be like "how did you dare?" "isn't that dangerous?" or "you are so brave". It becomes more like a bragging thing. Due to all this fear marketing I think some people are to scared to truly enjoy a coaster for the sensation and forces that it gives which could make them develop a passion. Instead they are even more scared than they already are.

I am so thankful to have this fantastic community where I can share my passion <3


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If your home-parks are owned by Merlin I can see why you would get a bit of horror/monster theming-fatigue, but it’s not very often that a big roller coaster in Sweden (heck, even Scandinavia) is themed around something like that. So with that in mind, it’s not really something I’d critique.
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I really dislike it when parks try to advertise rides by fear. That's the reason roller coasters have this dangerous stigma around them.
I completely see your point here. I would add however that coasters, by nature, are quite scary anyway? Big, tall metal structures with metal cars roaring around them. The idea of locking yourself into one of these is kind of against our survival instincts, surely?

In my view, people are either going to trust and love them or refuse to ride them because of concerns of safety, no matter how it's marketed.


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Don't get me wrong it looks great and I'm really excited to see more, but there's no way any video is going to give away how cool this thing will look just mincing around over the park.

So stoked for this one.


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It is aliiiiiive! I like how it still has a slight B&M roar despite being sand-filled.

Hopefully this will do wonders for Gröna Lund. They so deserve it!


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Not a bad first run in March! Definitely looking forward to more testing shots.