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GCI likely building multiple new coasters with Cedar Fair through 2022-2025

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I recently reached out to Joyce Stablewski at GCI, and this is what she said.

I asked her this: "Are you going to be working with Cedar Fair in the near future? If you are, what parks would you think you're working with?"

I assumed I would get no response but I did. She said "We are always in talks with Cedar Fair. With the current Covid situation things have been stalled."

So what can we take out of this very short message? The first thing is she says that they are ALWAYS in talks with Cedar Fair. A couple months ago there were a few videos made about Cedar Fair abandoning GCI. Well this clears up a lot of doubt about that! Next she says that "with Covid-19 THINGS have been stalled." Realizing how she says things, she could have said something like a project. But THINGS indicate multiple projects going to Cedar Fair parks!

So there you go, an update about GCI and Cedar Fair! That should give us something to think about

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Breaking News: Leading coaster manufacturer is in talks with leading theme park chain operator.

When she says "things" she's referring to "talks", not to "projects".

You would get the same response from any manufacturer who bothered to reply to you. I'm sorry to say this is nothing of any significance.

I'm going to lock this thread. If anyone disagrees, please politely PM me and we can discuss.
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