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Future developments at Dollywood

Youngster Joey

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NGL I think they've actually made the layout worse
Have you ridden it?

That was easily the 2nd most uncomfortable part of the ride. I think it's MUCH better off this way. I may even give it another go which I wouldn't have done otherwise. Sure losing some track length stinks but if it's actually comfortable to ride and experience a ride that should be cool? Great I'm for it.


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The hammerhead turn is the worst part of the ride, and having an 85 degree drop there is too tight of a fit. Honestly that whole section from the drop to the midcourse is pretty bad, not really sure what the designers were thinking. Pretty lifeless compared to the rest of the ride.


So Mystery Mine hasn't just been re-tracked, part of the layout has been re-routed. The horseshoe turn has been removed, and there is now a flat 90° turn after the first MCBR into a shallower drop than the original 85° drop, before the second mid-course:-


NGL I think they've actually made the layout worse, they've shortened it. I'm all for making it smoother but to nerf it? Sorry, not cool.
Length is irrelevant if the quality is poor, having looked at a POV this looks to improve the ride experience significantly regardless of it changing length slightly


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The drop was incredible and this looks nowhere near as good as it used to be. I'm hoping for some good airtme on it but I do not really like this change.


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I've re-read my message from last night - man, I was in a grumpy mood. I mean, I stand by the sentiment - that section of the coaster was awful - but I think on the whole this is good news.

It's relatively rare to see a park care much about their existing rides, and making a change like this is a good step. Next they just need to get rid of the awful trains! :D


Well this is incredibly depressing:-

A running Gerstlauer? I agree, very depressing! :p

That horseshoe/immelmann/whatever always looked janky in pictures. It reminds me of when you're super zoomed-in on an element in NoLimits and you get the curve, roll, and transitions just PERFECT, then you zoom out and realise the whole element is only 6 feet long and belongs on a bobsled instead of a hyper 🤣


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Anyone who is saddened by the changes here have either never ridden it or got knocked out but the hammerhead and couldn't remember it.
I loved the original first half. The only rough part was that helix into the MCBR, but the original drop was amazing. The crazy ejector at the top into the sharp positives at the bottom is something I've yet to experience on any other drop.

Matt N

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Out of interest, what is it exactly they’ve changed? I’ve watched a POV of the ride pre-modifications, and apart from the post-drop turnaround looking very different, I can’t quite see any other glaring changes.

Am I missing something here? I’ll admit I’ve never ridden Mystery Mine, which might not help...