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Fun Spot Atlanta | ArieForce One | RMC IBox Steel Coaster | 2023


Hyper Poster
"Looks slow" is a time-honored tradition 'round here. Doesn't matter if the statement is accurate or not. No ride is safe from getting looks slow'ed😈

All seriousness, that's a pretty decent speed for initial test runs in Georgia this time of year. This thing will be COOKING track by summertime.


Roller Poster
The fact that a coaster of this scale and quality is going to a tiny fun spot park is still hilarious to me. Also, a coaster testing in sub freezing temps will indeed look a tad slow.


Matt SR
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Peter Immelmann

Mega Poster
Wasn't yet in the boat for classifying this as a top tier coaster. I thought the plain out-and-back would make it a bit too predictable. However, seeing the POV, I might revise my expectations. Could be pretty high up there. The pacing and composition of elements looks very convincing.


Roller Poster
That looks like it’s flying! Although hate those plane cockpit details on the inside of the train… it looks really cheap.