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Fright nights Walibi Holland 2019


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Hello, I went to the fright nights at Walibi Holland for the first time yesterday. Its the only Halloween event I've done at a park.
It was such a great experience. I absolutely loved it. I went to the fright nights with a friend.

We started the day early. We were at the park around 10.15 am to get some rides on the coasters and have a look at all the theming of the scare zones.
Yesterday was also the first day of the Spooky days (It's the Halloween event for a child's <12 years old). It's a great addition and it creates some great atmosphere before the Fright nights start. We did our first haunted house at 3 pm. The villa. Great house with some great scares. It was a lot of fun seeing characters you know from movies. At 6 pm we did our second house Jefferson manor. A great looking haunted house with some good scares. The actors in both houses were really good.

After the haunted houses, we went to the scare zone Eddie's festival of freaks. A new and great looking scare zone with the main character of the Halloween fright nights Eddie the clown as the 'host'. (https://www.walibi.nl/frightnights/en/halloween/scare-zone/eddies-festival-freaks)

The other scare zones are
Villains (https://www.walibi.nl/frightnights/en/halloween/scare-zone/villains),
Tangled twigs (https://www.walibi.nl/frightnights/en/halloween/scare-zone/tangled-twigs),
Nightmares (https://www.walibi.nl/frightnights/en/halloween/scare-zone/nightmares),
Firepit (https://www.walibi.nl/frightnights/en/halloween/campsite-carnage-firepit),
Twisted Hellfire (https://www.walibi.nl/frightnights/en/halloween/twisted-hellfire) and
Pirates cove (https://www.walibi.nl/frightnights/en/halloween/pirates-cove).

The absolute highlight for me was The Clinic. What an experience. I loved it. If you go to Walibi Holland, buy a ticket for The Clinic. It is a great and intense experience.
We spend most of the night walking through and chilling in scare zones. We did one night ride on Goliath.
Overall we had a great day and I really recommend visiting Walibi Holland during the Halloween fright nights. The park is open from 10 am to 11 pm. The Fright nights are from 6 pm until 11 pm. I will definitely come back this year for another visit to the Halloween fright nights. I have a Walibi Holland season pass which you can use during the fright nights and I live in the Netherlands

Walibi Holland has 4 haunted houses and 2 experiences during the Halloween Fright Nights. https://www.walibi.nl/frightnights/en/halloween

Some tips: If you want to do all the haunted houses I recommend buying a R.I.P. pass. You can visit all the haunted houses with a normal ticket but then you won't have time left for the scare zones because the queues can get very long even though there are time slots. Expect it to be busy especially the last weekend. If you want to get some rides on the coasters, visit the park from 10 am. And again I really recommend buying a ticket for The Clinic.

If you have any questions about the Halloween Fright Nights or my experience feel free to ask me!

Rick van der Beek



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Ughhh going on Sunday and I cannot wait!

We did it a few years ago and it’s an outstanding event - got RIP passes and tickets for Below and the Clinic all ready to go!


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Nice review - thanks!

I'm there Friday - no RIP passes, but do have tickets for all mazes, including Clinic and Below.

Absolutely terrified by how busy it could be.


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To anyone driving to this thing, they're making you park in a field opposite the park entrance and it takes ten years to leave at the end of the night.
If you have any choice in the matter at all, park in the left third (as you're facing the park) to at least get out of the field quickest.


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Went to Walibi on Friday (hopefully do a more in depth trip report or something in the coming week), but oooft, it was brilliant. Genuinely fantastic.

The Clinic left me speechless; words cannot do it justice anyways. It's just sheer brilliance. Their mazes were fantastic (I was a huge fan of Psychoshock), and the scare zones and general park atmosphere was phenomenal. Big fan of the Firepit and Campsite of Carnage.

Can see why car parking and leaving could be an issue, but fortunately we didn't experience any major issues leaving!

If you love Halloween, do Halloween Fright Nights.