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Favourite Christmas song


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Ignoring the obvious - The Power of Love (either version, both equally good), When A Child is Born and Spaceman came Travelling.

Rob Coasters

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Definitely has to be Christmas Lights by Coldplay. While I wouldn't actively decide to put it on (or really any Christmas music) I don't mind hearing it at all.


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Jingle in the Jungle or that East 17 one.

As much as I adore the holiday time with all the lights, food, drink and more lights... I don't get into festive tunes. I'm always happy I don't have radio music in my life and that's reinforced in December. Hearing carols sung traditionally churches makes me think 'huh I used to have to go through that a lifetime a go'.


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It's this by an absolute mile...

Or nearly any other track on that album tbf.

Bonus points for featuring on Goodfellas...



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The best Christmas song is Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses.

Nobody knows it by name but as soon as everyone hears it… oh, that one!

It’s actually a bit ‘real life’ with the lyrics and that bass line in the intro is absolutely banging 🤩

Yehhh :cool:


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Darlene Love - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
I've watched her perform it every year for decades and the part of the season I always look forward to most.

Performing on David Letterman over the years

Bruce Springsteen presents Darlene with her platinum record

"All Hail the Queen of Christmas" - Whoopi Goldberg
With Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul