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Favorite Drop Tower


their are many drop towers in the USA, but what is the best? I personally like this list right here:

1. Lex Luthor Drop Of Doom
2. Drop Tower Scream Zone Kings Dominion
3. Drop Tower Scream Zone Kings Island
4. Big Shot Stratosphere Hotel
5. Supreme Scream Knott's Berry Farm
6. Power Tower Valleyfair
7. Tower of Terror- Hollywood Studios
8. Tower Of terror-California Adventure
9. Scream! Six Flags Fiesta texas
10. Dominator Dorney Park

Agree or Disagree? ANd do you think that Six Flags Great Adventure will attach one onto Kingda Ka like LLDoD? If so, will it be #1? Write your thoughts, list, and favorites below!


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I've barely ridden any pure drop towers...

1. Drop Zone - Kings Dominion
2. Mach Tower - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
3. Drop Zone - Carowinds
4. Demon Drop - Dorney Park (not technically a tower-style ride but I think this counts)

If you add in space shots and combo drop/shot towers, it's still not much of a list..

1. Drop Zone - KD
2. Power Tower - Cedar Point
3. Tower of Fear - Funtown Pier
4. Dominator - Dorney Park
5. Mach Tower - BGW
6. Drop Zone - Carowinds
7. Dr. Doom's Fearfall - Islands of Adventure
8. Demon Drop - Dorney

I think that's all of them.

Youngster Joey

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hurakan condor <3

Followed closely by Twilght Zone Tower of Terror and MGM studios,
3 Drop Zone at Canada's Wonerland
4 ToT at Disneys califonia adventure
5 Mach Tower BGW


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Tower of Terror in Orlando and Mystery Castle at Phantasialand. Although both aren't explicitly drop towers and more a variation. Plain old lift you up-drop you down towers are usually pretty poo, but if I had to choose one of those it'd probably be Apocalypse at Drayton Manor.

I don't particularly like the idea of drop towers though, they make me nervous. But them when I go on them I'm always like....oh was that it? So anything with a theme, for sure.


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My somewhat incomplete drop ride list.... :?
((Drop rides being pretty much, my favorite kinda ride))

ABC Engineering
John Silver's Twist Tower - Adventureland (Long Island) - (NY) USA - 2005

A.R.M. - Amusement Ride Manufacturers
AtmosFear - Morey's Pier - (NJ) USA - 2008
OH-ZONE! - Lake Winnepesaukah - (GA) USA - 2009
Shock Drop - Beech Bend - (KY) USA - 2007 ←
Super Shot - Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park - (NY) USA - 2008
Super Shot - IAAPA - (FL) USA - 2003
The Super Shot/Dropzone - Old Town - (FL) USA - 2008
X-Scream - Waldameer - (PA) USA - 2008

Chance Rides Inc.
DareDevil - Martin's Fantasy Island - (NY) USA - 2005 ←
Sling Shot - Adventuredome - (NV) USA - 2009
Sling Shot - Reithoffer Shows (Brockton Fair) - (MA) USA - 2004
Slingshot Drop Zone - Family Kingdom Amusement Park - (SC) USA - 2006

Fabbri Group
Detonator - Thorpe Park - England - 2006
Mega Drop - Wade Shows, Inc. (Central Florida Fair) - (FL) USA - 2010
Rebellion - Libertyland - (TN) USA - 2005 ←

Bounce - Oakwood Theme Park - Wales - 2006

"1st Generation"
Demon Drop - Cedar Point - (OH) USA ←
Stuntman's Freefall - Six Flags Great Adventure - (NJ) USA - 2005 ←
Free Fall - Six Flags Over Georgia - (GA) USA - 2004 ←
Mr. Hyde's Nasty Fall - Six Flags Worlds of Adventure - (OH) USA - 2001 ←

"Bungee Drop"
Mystery Castle - Phantasialand - Germany - 2007

"Giant Drop"
Apocalypse - Drayton Manor - England - 2006
Dropzone - Paramount's Canada's Wonderland - (ON) Canada - 2007
Dropzone - Paramount's Carowinds - (NC) USA - 2004
Free Fall Tower - Holiday Park - Germany - 2007
Giant Drop - Six Flags Great America - (IL) USA - 2005
Hellevator - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom - (KY) USA - 1999
Hurakan Condor - PortAvntura - Spain - 2007
Pitt Fall - Kennywood - (PA) USA - 2008
The Flight of the Phöenix - Terra Mitica - Spain - 2007
Tower of Doom - Six Flags America - (MD) USA

"Giant Drop!"
Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom - Six Flags Magic Mountain- (CA) USA - 2012

"Gyro Drop"
Dropzone Stunt Tower - Paramount's Kings Dominion - (VA) USA - 2005
Dropzone Stunt Tower - Paramount's Kings Island - (OH) USA - 1999

"Stand-Up Gyro Drop"
Acrophobia - Six Flags Over Georgia - (GA) USA - 2009

El Desafío - Isla Mágica - Spain - 2007

Moser Rides
"Gravity Tower"
Drop Of Fear - Conklin Shows - (Eastern States Exposition (The Big E) - (MA) USA - 2004

"Spring Ride"
Drop Zone - Adventure City - (CA) USA - 2009
Drop Zone - Dixieland Fun Park - (GA) USA - 2009
Dungeon Drop - King Richard's Park - (FL) USA - 2012
Free-Fall - DelGrosso's Amusement Park - (PA) USA - 2008
HipHop - Méga Parc - (QC) Canada - 2006
Screamer - Fun Spot USA - (FL) USA - 2008
Splat-O-Sphere - Nickelodeon Universe - (MN) USA - 2010
Spring - IAAPA - (FL) USA - 2003
Spring Ride - Knucklehead's Bowling & Family Entertainment - (WI) USA - 2012
The Scream Machine - Coney Island - (OH) USA - 2009
The Spring - Seabreeze - (NY) USA - 2007
Wild Surge - Busch Gardens Tampa Bay - (FL) USA - 2008

S&S Power
"Combo Ride"
Cliff Hanger - Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo - England - 2006
Hot Shot - Dixie Landin' Family Theme Park - (LA) USA - 2012
La Venganza Del Enigma - Parque Warner Madrid - Spain - 2007
Scream - Six Flags Fiesta Texas - (TX) USA - 2012
Scream - Six Flags New England - (MA) USA

"Double Shot"
Accelerator - Celebration City - (MO) USA - 2005 ←
Double Shot - Indiana Beach - (IN) USA - 2005
Double Shot - Keansburg Amusement Park - (NJ) USA - 2007
Double Shot - Playland Park (Rye) - (NY) USA - 2005
Double Shot - Playland's Castaway Cove - (NJ) USA - 2006
Firecracker - Wild Adventures - (GA) USA - 2010
Liberty Launch - Holiday World - (IN) USA - 2005
Star Blaster - Canobie Lake Park - (NH) USA - 2002

"Frog Hopper"
Beetle Bounce (x1) - Legoland Florida - (FL) USA - 2012
Frog Hopper - Funtown Splashtown USA - (ME) USA - 2001
Frog Hopper - Palace Playland - (ME) USA - 2001

"Space Shot"
Big Shot - Stratosphere Tower - (NV) USA - 2009
Detonator - Worlds of Fun - (MO) USA - 2011
Dominator (shot) - Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom - (PA) USA
Japp SpaceShot - TusenFryd - Norway - 2006
Le Orbite - La Ronde - (QC) Canada - 2006
Power Tower (shot) - Cedar Point - (OH) USA
Power Tower (Shot) - Valleyfair! - (MN) USA - 2010
Sasquatch (shot) - The Great Escape - (NY) USA - 2009
Space Shot - Adventureland - (IA) USA - 2011
Space Shot - The Fun House (New Roc City) - (NY) USA - 2007
Uppskjutet - Liseberg - Sweden - 2006

"Turbo Drop"
Dominator (drop) - Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom - (PA) USA
Dragon's Descent - Funtown Splashtown USA - (ME) USA - 2001
Down Time - Lake Compounce - (CT) USA - 2005
Höjdskräcken - Liseberg - Sweden - 2006
Power Tower (drop) - Cedar Point - (OH) USA
Power Tower (Drop) - Valleyfair! - (MN) USA - 2010
Sasquatch (drop) - The Great Escape - (NY) USA - 2009
Scream (Hellevator) - Six Flags New England - (MA) USA - 1998

Zamperla, Inc.
"Jumpin' Star XX"
The Flying Fiddler - SeaWorld Orlando - (FL) USA - 2008
Jumpin' Star - IAAPA - (FL) USA - 2003

Yeah......cause' that wasn't OCD or anything :D
I'd say that Hurakan Condor at PortAvntura is my favorite drop tower (on the standup tilting cars) as far as best in the US goes, I'll go with Acrophobia at Six Flags Over Georgia. Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom at Six Flags Magic Mountain would be in second, it just didn't have as "heavy" of a drop as Acro does... And while I hate most S&S towers... I'd give honorable mention to Big Shot at the Stratosphere. yaayyy drop rides!!!

Oops, and I forgot to add Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios/WDW


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The drop tower from SFoG (Agrophobia?) is by far the best one Ive been on. The tilt just makes it SO much more nerve wracking <3

Pitfall comes second as it is the tallest Drop Tower Ive ridden so far. Hollywood (MGM) Studios one is pretty fun as well. I rode it a couple times and dear lord the ejector on the last ride. Unfff <3

Also have Waldameers, Mr Hydes and just a couple fair ones as well (Canfield Fair and IX Indoor).

Now, to answer your question: No. Cant and wont be able to happen due to a few reasons:

1) The supports arent thick enough in any manner to properly support it (look at how huge a normal drop tower is and compare)
2) The tallest 'spire' they coukd use still doesnt hit the 400ft mark before it curves inward.
3) Those supports werent meant to support something like a drop tower ALONG with a coaster train ontop of it. Something would give, and while watching something collapse can be quite enjoyable, not so much when people are involved.

Yes, it works on Lex Luthor for the main reason of the support system used on Superman are akin to a drop tower. They are stable enough and are thick enough to support the extra weight safely.


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1. Agoraphobia SFoG
2. Twilight Tower of Terror WDW
3. Demon Drop Dorney Park
4. Drop Tower Kings Island
5. Power Tower Cedar Point


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Apocalypse, DM. With the stand up versions, it tilts, which makes it feel almost as if you're sliding out of the seat. The Fabbri one at WMSP is suprisingly good for its height (30m). It's also situated on top of a hill, which makes it seem taller.
1. Falcon's Fury - Busch Gardens Africa
2. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - Disney MGM Studios
3. Acrophobia - Six Flags Over Georgia
4. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - Disney's California Adventure
5. Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom - Six Flags Great Adventure
6. Lex Luthor Drop of Doom - Six Flags Magic Mountain
7. Drop Zone - Kings Dominion
8. Demon Drop - Dorney Park
9. Voodoo Drop - Six Flags America
10. Drop Tower - Carowinds


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I'm sure we've got another 'Favourite Drop Tower' thread somewhere?
In fact I know we have cos I posted in it, but this one showed up more recently for some reason.
Anyway, the correct answer is 'Haunted Mine Drop' at Glenwood Caverns. Not even a debate. Sure, there's lots of great drop towers out there but no matter how tall they are, how scary they are, how forceful they are or how well themed they are, ain't nothin' like the Haunted Mine Drop anywhere else on Earth.

Bybee knows:



We haven't done many in the US but for my top five worldwide it'd be:

1. Ikaros at Grona Lund
2. Atmosfear at Liseberg
3. Apocalypse at Drayton Manor
4. Mystery Castle at Phantasialand
5. Zumanjaro at Great Adventure

I do love all the Tower of Terror Rides but they don't really feel like drop towers to me, even though I know they are. They'd probably be above all of these in this order:

1. Tower of Terror WDW
2. Mission Breakout (especially the Halloween one) at DCA
3. Tower of Terror DisneySea
4.Tower of Terror DLP (although I haven't been on with the new stuff yet)


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Probably Scream at Heide Park.
Surprised I seem to be the first to mention it :)
Scream is a good shout (pun intended ;) ), I do love those giant creaking cogs as you climb the tower.
Atmosfear at Liseberg - thats a scary one too.
Hurakan Condor - great ride. I think that might be the tallest one I've been on?

But yeah nah, still Haunted Mine Drop for the win.


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Just remembered Giant Drop at Dreamworld exists - that's quite special as well :)

If we're talking best view, honourable mention to Sky Screamer at Marineland in Canada, which overlooks Niagara Falls and the infamously bizarre Dragon Mountain coaster.


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Tower of Terror

Mystery Castle is the fabbest
Zumanjaro is the scariest
Power Tower (CP) is the crappiest

Scream is brilliant, up there with MC. I've done every drop tower I've come across, way too many to list, even the crap ones are worth having a go, especially the Mosers :)