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Fårup Sommerland | Fønix | Vekoma | 2022


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First time I've dropped into this thread. I still haven't got used to the idea that seeing 'Vekoma' in the topic title does not necessarily mean 'something a bit sh*t' anymore.
And where the hell is Fârup Sommerland anyway?
Where? Denmark? Oh ok. Can't say I've even considered visiting Denmark before, any good? This looks like it might be worth mincing over there for. Lech was certainly decent, but I would have liked to ride it with more than just me and Dr Dave on it so this might be a good way to experience one of these new Vekomas with a full train of riders, and therefore running at full speed.
Consider me intrigued.

Ps Where the hell is Denmark anyway? 🤔

Peter Immelmann

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Where? Denmark? Oh ok. Can't say I've even considered visiting Denmark before, any good?

Well, you probably should, Denmark plays a very special role in the history of amusement parks being home to the very first park ever built (Bakken, which was founded in 1583 according to RCDB). Also Tivoli Gardens has some significant history to look at. And given its size, the country has quite a large number of roller coasters (3 times more per citizen than the US, for instance). So probably worth having a look at google maps ;)

And, no, I'm not Danish... ;)


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Not sure where these came from, but these pictures nicely capture the Vekoma goodness radiating from this project
View attachment 13912
View attachment 13913

They came from my phone 😉 - I uploaded them to CoasterClub Denmark’s FB page yesterday after a tour of the construction site.

And now that I’m here, I can tell you that this coaster looks absolutely amazing in person. It’s going to be crazy intense and I really think it could be one of the best coasters in Europe when it opens.


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Love them pictures.
Make me want to visit Sommerland agian after all these years. Looks fabulous!


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This coaster is stunning, pictures are from CoasterClub Denmark:











The source has loads more great pictures, definitely worth a look:

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I’ve only ridden 3 of the new gen vekomas… (I think) and of those, none are bad rides… Lech is… Well Lech, you know all about it… Formula and Abyssus are great rides too, if a little disappointing coming from Lech… Stood alone they’re really both great coasters. This looks like it’s going to be incredible!!!

I haven’t done Denmark either, but it was already on the cards for the beginning of a 2022 Scandinavian road trip!!! (My longest road trip yet if I pull it off!)

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The “stall loop” is such an awesome, yet sorta obvious idea I’m surprised it has taken this long to do. You’d think a loop/dive loop/immelman etc with an elongated upside down section would have been done before the stall itself
I think the premise isn't particularly new, but perhaps decent execution is: https://rcdb.com/12027.htm


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This coaster looks absolutely incredible, possibly the best Vekoma ever built. I think the word I'd describe the ride most is blursed, simply cause some of the elements/profiling look incredibly messed up in the best way possible. Can't wait to see testing commence then we can see how the thing will pace.