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Etnaland Theme Park | The Storm | Mack Megacoaster


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I just love how it goes from a little bunny hop into the inline. I can see it going through with quite a bit of speed (just like Blue Fire's) too, which is fantastic.


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From their Facebook. <3


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Oh sweet baby jesus....

I seriously do hope that the US chains invest with Mack more :)

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I have the feeling that this will > Mega Lites.

Comfy trains, sexy curves, killer inline and blue (<3). Yes, please!


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I think this is the first time ever that Mack has done a square track. I know they have been doing the triangle track since the 80's but I can't remember ever seeing a square one.

I have a feeling this one will not have as fast pacing as the Mega-Lites, but it will still be an really awesome ride!


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Yeah, this is going to be pretty awesome. The restraints are fantastic for freedom and the rides so smooth, it's going to be excellent.

Will it beat the Intamin's? I'm not sure, I suspect that Mack work within a tighter tolerance and don't "push" as hard as Intamin. So it'll be that sweet spot between the B&M Mega and Intamin airtime I think. I hope so because it's a lush mid point.


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For the love of god I HOPE US parks are watching Mack more closely after Manta.

I want one of these over here....now.

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