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Going to 'miss' Tayto Park. But I like the new name. It suits kinda.
The logo.... Could've been better though. Wondering what else it will bring. Except the two coasters they are already building of course.


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Little trip report from Reddit, sounds like we have coaster hardware at the park. No photos online sadly, but things seem to be moving along at long last;
The 2 new Vekomas one sit down boomerang and one suspended thrill coaster are appearing to pick up pace on construction as the castle for the stc station has already shot up. The track is a dark bluish for one and a maroon for the other but they both share grey supports. The current work seems to be on concrete footers and concrete valleys for the coaster to sit in. It will be interesting to see how they pick up in the coming months.


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Hi all, new to this, have a screen shot from a pov video of Cu Chulainn that was posted on YouTube last week.
I think the construction we see in the screenshot is what I have circled below in blue.


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"Emerald Park has today revealed 3D models of two new rollercoasters that will be ready for guests in spring 2024 after a €22m investment in the theme park"


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"In addition, the park will also open a new 6.5 acre Celtic-themed area, Tír na nÓg, which will include a theme park classic waveswinger, as well as more food and retail options.

Referencing the Land of Eternal Youth from Irish mythology, the area will lead to the creation of 40 new jobs at the park."

Dutch theming company Jora Vision has been enlisted to lead the design.

Mock-up today at the reveal for the new land.


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After this project has been completed the park might go ahead and resubmit planning permission for a Hotel. Well, that is what I would love to see...


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Random question, regarding the Sky Glider ziplines, have they been closed down? Also, does anyone know the manufacturer?
Not sure of the manufacturer but I belive they have been permanently closed as they are no where to be seen on the website and haven’t run since 2019