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Dorney Park | Iron Menace | B&M Dive Machine | 2024


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Reddit comments went ahead and suggested a Zamperla Double Heart... which is realistic since the smaller model clocks out at 164 ft tall and Cedar Fair has a working relationship with Zamperla as of late;

Looks like it would fit on the site pretty well, to;
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Dorney would do well with a multi-pass launch coaster in that area of the park 🤮

I guess it would kind of beat getting a Skyrocket II


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It would be cool to see how one of these rides. If nothing else lighting trains don’t have comfort collars.


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Yeah, this is no Double Heart lol.

Huge thanks to Zachary at ParkFans for FOIA'ing these. Full site overview below, view the full packet of plans HERE:

All footers that I can identify are marked in green below. These are likely just preliminary plans and do not show the full amount or placement of footers.


Initial postings of these plans (Behind the Thrills) theorized that the circular shape on the right side of the plans was for a turntable. This is not the case, as the cover page of the plans outlines this 'shaded' texture are for 'CONCRETE PADS FOR ATTRACTION THEMING" (circled in red).


In summary, nothing I see in these plans is a direct indicator of what type of ride this is. However, the station area may give some kind of hint:


It appears that there will be a transfer table (red) interacting with the station platform, meaning that (using the scale shown in the full plans) a full train seems to be shorter than 25-30ft long. This definitely limits the types of coaster that it could be.

AT THIS POINT, my best guess would be something with featuring trains with 4 seats across, 3 or 4 rows deep. A Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster or Mack Big Dipper (4 rows of 4, like Voltron) fit that pretty well. Time will certainly tell!

EDIT - That time is now! This sure looks like a B&M Dive:

Sure looks like this is a match. Lift, drop, Immelmann on the right side of the site.
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What the hell? And I thought Six Flags Fiesta Texas getting a mini dive was surprising. How did Dorney go from small shuttle woodie to this?!


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Well Emperor was around 11 million usd. Maybe it's not that much expensive than the proposed shuttle woodie... My bet is still on the Gerstlauer Infinity tho.


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With Mack's BigDipper (Stryker?) coasters also having holding brake capabilities, it might not be totally out the question to rule that out just yet too I guess?


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With Mack's BigDipper (Stryker?) coasters also having holding brake capabilities, it might not be totally out the question to rule that out just yet too I guess?
I personally would rule it out totally. Mack coasters require far more foundations than what's shown, B&M Dive lines up perfectly with these plans.

This ride being approved & built is still up in the air, but these plans are 100% for a B&M Dive.


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lol its amazing what people can do from a collection of footers. I hope the immelman is profiled like that, its very cool the way it goes through the supports of the lift.


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Dorney received a shipment from B&M a few days ago, worth looking at;
Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 10.39.05 AM.png

Now this could easily be a simple parts shipment for Hydra and/or Talon, which is realistic. The EQUIPMENT FOR AMUSEMENT RIDES ROLLER COASTER label, however, matches the Cliffhanger shipping document for Six Flags Fiesta Texas a few days before its announcement, in which Siebert deceitfully told enthusiasts that it was parts for Superman. Last month, B&M made known parts shipments to Six Flags Great Adventure and Great America, both of which were helpfully labelled Parts of an Amusement Ride and Amusement Ride Parts of an Amusement Ride Order (attached below for reference). 843 kg is not a lot compared to the other two, so we could either be seeing a misdescription or a preliminary shipment.


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I'm guessing that it is probably a spare parts shipment. It feels way too early to be receiving anything associated with a 2024 project.