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"Cutting Edge" Trip reports


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Excellent vid Steven. Loving Katie at 2mins 7secs tehe.

Not bad Olllie :)

Well both my vids are surviving on Youtube but only Thorpe remains on Facebook! Paultons was removed by Facebook because of.....................................copyrighting!


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Joey said:
Ollie said:
peep said:
Was it really Treasure Planet music?
I don't know. The first song is from Temple of the Night Hawk at Phantasialand and the second is some song that I found on a Hansa Park video. :p

Glad you're liking the video though. :)
Yeah, I'm suire that is Treasrure Planet.

Was it really in Temple of the Night Hawk? How odd. Why don't I recall this.

Joey probably as we all fell asleep lol :)

Good video Ollie.


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Well I am finally sorting through my pictures and getting them online...

I have tagged quite a few but it gets really irritating and boring, so if I have missed anyone... feel free to Tag away. I still need to finish uploading the Paultons stuff (into a 2nd album) and then the Grand Prix stuff of which I got 155 pictures...

http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2 ... 4cc0a98f1b (This is the public link so those who don't have Facebook should be able to use it too... Ian :p)


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That link goes to a photo of the F-ing Frog but I can't see a gallery link :(


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It's 2 months and 8 days after the Live, and I finally got round to making the video today :lol: .
Anyway here it is...

View My Video

(Youtube didn't allow me to use the song, so I used the 100x better TinyPic)


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Happy days, cheers Brad.

The astroslide footage from the top is brilliant. Glad to see that Goon got a good beating!


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Great video A-Kid. Nothing like a video 2 months after the event. :p
Some great editing and loved the bit with Stevens shoe and the Meerkat at the end. :D