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Cruise Lines to add Bolt & Space Cruiser roller coasters (update page 3)


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If this actually goes ahead then that's a fantastic addition to the cruise market.
Currently, a few ships have small fairground-style rides, and Carnival already have their pedal-powered SkyRide not-quite-a-coaster thing, but this is the first true coaster at sea.

Great find


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I wonder how this coaster will cope with being on a cruise ship. I mean it has to be able to withstand harsh weather and the ship's motion, so this could be interesting.

Here are the concept images for this coaster:-



And the preview video:-
Oh yeah Duane personally told me he isn't adding this to RCDB.
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That's pretty sweet. Obviously the coaster itself doesn't seem too thrilling but the views alone would make it worthwhile.


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I feel sorry for all the database programs that assume a given cred was always in one place at one time :(
If they have a time resolution of days or less, it could still work. The list of places it operated would grow really long really fast, though.


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You could just list the coaster as being based in wherever the ship is registered at.... All the carnival ships are either registered in the Bahamas or Panama.


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Lmao it doesn't actually look that bad? Short, yes. But looks like a fun little gimmick tbh.