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Could Cedar Fair consider relocating Gold Striker from CGA? Where would you like to see it go?


Roller Poster
Wooden coasters have been relocated before, especially some very notable ones. The cost is a fraction of building a new one, so I find it plausible that CF would look to relocate this great coaster. I feel that wherever it could potentially go, it would instantly be the best or at least top 3 in the park. In addition, it is fairly young, so it would be a huge waste to demolish it.


Roller Poster
I think it’s probably 50/50. On one hand, Cedar Fair is a huge chain and they wouldn’t be keen on spending the money to dismantle, transport and rebuild an existing ride, especially a coaster as large as Goldstriker. But on the other hand, they could use the coaster as a headlining attraction at one of their smaller parks that they could add for a relative discount. Lumber prices are still quite high, so if the chain has interest in a woodie I could see them saving it. Plus, GCI and Cedar Fair seem to have a good working relationship.