california's great america

  1. massam

    Could Cedar Fair consider relocating Gold Striker from CGA? Where would you like to see it go?

    Wooden coasters have been relocated before, especially some very notable ones. The cost is a fraction of building a new one, so I find it plausible that CF would look to relocate this great coaster. I feel that wherever it could potentially go, it would instantly be the best or at least top 3 in...
  2. JSM

    California's Great America - Park sold, eventually closing

    Cedar Fair just sold the land California's Great America sits on to a real estate company and will close the park within the next 11 years. It's a shame to see the park go from those rumored large scale expansion plans to this. Sigh...
  3. Matt N

    California's Great America building Mack launch coaster in 2023 or 2024?

    Hi guys. According to Screamscape, California's Great America could be starting to plan their next roller coaster, and it would appear that their plans have changed somewhat since the last rumour based on what Lance has posted. Here's what he had to say: Also, the planned hyper coaster was...