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COTALAND | Texas | Gerstlauer Infinity Shuttle (Palindrome) & Vekoma Tilt (Circuit Breaker) & Others


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Back here again with some more news about the park:
Here is the latest video from ThrillNerds showing Palindrome/Circuit Breaker construction along with a few Q&As:

Also hot off the presses are the official heights for the confirmed COTALAND attractions:
Skyblazer: 236ft
Drop Tower: 218ft
Skyscraper: 167ft
Palindrome: 160ft
Star Flyer: 150ft
Circuit Breaker: 132ft

The construction could start in May for the FULL PARK!


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Palindrome: 160ft
Yea no Palindrome is NOT going to be 160 ft tall. Might be a permitting error or it might be for the crane.

Also ThrillNerds is the dwight who made a bunch of awful awful social media posts accusing the project of being a sham and “abandoned dream”, until reps reached out to him and now he’s their so-called “strongest soldier”. All those posts were deleted and he blocked yours truly for a callout reply. Just putting it out there, won’t have to say it again.

Kinda salty tonight, but go COTA. Great to see some proof of the mythical Skyblazer at last.


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^That's for Palindrome, I have not seen any pictures of Circuit Breaker's construction (or even its confirmed location) as of yet. The renderings show it to be in the red area behind Turn 20, but that seems an odd distance away from Palindrome (blue) and the rest of the rides:


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Some notes from ThrillNerds about the current Palindrome/Park construction:
-New containers near Palindrome have appeared.
-Fencing has extended towards Turn 20, where Circuit Breaker will be built. Perhaps more rides will be built there.
-No park map, nor information about the park yet. Probably will hear more as the months go by.
The circuit Breaker plot is now in groundwork mode.
-Log Flume boats staged right next to Circuit Breaker track.