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So, me and Thekingin64 have recently created our own Planet Coaster Tournament series and we would like your help to decide which coaster in each battle is the better one. This project is intended to be a bit of fun between the two of us so our coasters may not be amazing, and due to the graphic limitations with our laptops, themeing will be very little to non-existent. A new video will be uploaded to this topic approximately every two weeks.

Round 1: A Nemesis Sister Coaster;
In our first battle we tasked ourseleves to build a new sister coasters for Nemesis. The rules for this challenge were that it had to be an Inverted Coaster, and had to feature the same inversions as the original Nemesis and Nemesis Inferno. - 2 Corkscrews, A Zero-G Roll and a Vertical Loop.
We present: Nemesis Revenge vs Arch Nemesis:
Nemesis Revenge
Nemesis Revenge 1.jpg

Nemesis Revenge 2.jpg

Arch Nemesis
Arch Nemesis 1.png

Arch Nemesis 2.png
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Ooh, very interesting concept!

I liked them both, but I think I'm going to go with Arch Nemesis because it's got a bit more 'snap' to it. The inversions could be a tad smaller, though. The other one felt a bit more like a larger invert like Katun.

Lovely stuff, though. I'm super excited to see more of this!

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^We are still both relatively new to the game so can't be expecting top quality. I know the transitions on both aren't great due to the inbuilt angle snap feature and I effectively built mine as I would in RCT3 with a few PC enabled edits. Same goes for the other coasters I've built, just wait for the Chinese Knockoff inspired coasters we also built without use of the angle snap feature and pre-made elements (aka true No Limits style!)


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Like the idea of you guys running your own little head-to-head. I look forward to seeing it develop. Hopefully with both of your skills improving a long the way!


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I'm sure as time goes on both me and Thekingin64 will get stronger with the game throught our battles. - If possible could a Staff Member delete the existing Poll if possible to be replace it with Pyrenees vs Vortex?

Round 2: Hyper Coaster;
We've tasked ourselves to build Hyper/Giga Coasters.

We present: Pyrenees vs Vortex
Pyrenees 1.png
Pyrenees 2.png

Pyrenees 3.png
Vortex 1.jpg
Vortex 2.jpg
Vortex 3.jpg


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Personally, I find it really weird to have the drop go straight for so long. I know Titan and Goliath do that but they're not B&M. What I would suggest doing it gradually dropping then gradually returning to horizontal.