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Chris Coasters 2015 So Far! All Days Posted

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Hello everyone I am back with another trip report. I haven't really done anything major this year so far but I have done a lot of small things so far. This trip report will be everything I have done in 2015 so far. This trip report will by first example of me trying to become CoasterForce Cred Whore 2015.

Each day will be as follows.

Day 1 - Jersey Shore (Jenkinson's Boardwalk, Casino Pier, and Blackbeard's Cave) - April 18th 2015
Day 2 - Wicked Cyclone Media Day - May 20th 2015
Day 3 - Random Connecticut Coasters (Lake Compounce, Coleman Brothers Shows, and Ocean Beach Park) - June 6th 2015
Day 4 - Playland Park - June 10th 2015
Day 5 - Massachusetts Alpine Coasters and Great Escape - June 14th 2015

I just got back from New York and I spent the day at Great Escape. But my season started in the nearby state of New Jersey.

April 18th 2015 could have possibly been one of the worst days of my life. My original plan was to wake up drive to Bowcraft Playland and then hit Luna Park, Adventurers and Fantasy Shore in New York. However I didn't go to any of the places originally intended. I got to New York so early that I decided to go down to the Jersey Shore where I would pick up my first coasters of the season. The first park I attended was Jenkinson's Boardwalk.

My first coaster of the year would be the powered Zamperla, Tornado.

It was a really crappy +1 like most of the coasters I have been on this year and as the report goes on you will see.

Next up was Flitzer.

I actually liked it. It wasn't rough but it wasn't a groundbreaking coaster either. It was okay for what it is.

So after getting these I discovered Casino Pier was open so I headed on down to Seaside Heights. This was my first time to go down to Seaside Heights and it was pretty ghetto. I just wanted to grab the creds and leave, and thats what I did.

First coaster was Pirates Hideaway

Not only was it pretty rough but it has literally no theming other than the carts and the facade. Inside it is just like riding a coaster inside of a trailer.


Next was another +1 with Hot Tamales. I went around for 10 laps or some stupid high number that was so unnecessary.

Only thing really cool about Hot Tamales is that it is right on the edge of the boardwalk so its like you are going to fly into the ocean. Other than that nothing special.

So knowing a lot about where random creds are I just decided to go and hit this random Dragon coaster in Bayville, New Jersey at a place called Blackbeard's Cave. Nothing much except cred whoring to the max and another +1.

So next up was Bowcraft Playland but and a big BUT at that I had horrible car issues. My cars thermostat started to sky rocket. I pulled into a rest area and called AAA but they can't do anything on the Garden State Parkway so I had to call Turnpike Authority and the douchebags they sent me were horrible they basically told me nothing was wrong and that I should check the coolant more often. Well I put coolant in and 20 miles later it totally **** the bed on the Parkway. I had to flag down a cop and he called someone for me. It took a hour for someone to assess the situation and then finally a tow truck to bring me to my cousins in CT. NOOOOOOOOOOO he is just a tow guy he has to bring me to his shop where I have to call AAA from there. So another hour goes by and the AAA tow guy hooks my car up and I sit down in the passenger seat to find out that the **** driver only speaks spanish. He thought we were going to Woodbridge, NJ when we were going to Woodbridge, CT which would be 98 miles. He automatically gets into rage mode. I am like dude you are lucky I don't have you tow me back to Massachusetts. I had to direct this dude to a state he had never heard of in very poor spanish. The entire ride was awful. Vile traffic in New York, constant breaking, and this bipolar spanish guy who would be happy one second and be pissed off he had to go to Connecticut the next. It was literally the worst day I have ever had. Eventually I got back with family and had to have so much **** done to my car. The reason it overheated was because a hose basically rotted away and then the head gasket went, my brakes were on the last leg, the tow truck guy **** up the control arm, and I needed a new thermostat along with like a billion other things.

I got mad just typing this up. Well this is Day 1 of this 5 day update adventure. I picked up 5 coasters on the Jersey Shore I didn't plan on getting and never got to get the other 4 I was planning that day in NY and NJ. I hopefully will get to go to Bowcraft by the end of the season as far as Luna Park, Adventurers in Brooklyn, and Fantasy Shore in Staten Island I will have to put on the back burner. It is mainly for + 1's but oh well.

Hope you enjoy reading and see you tomorrow for my Wicked Cyclone Media Day report!


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Re: Chris Coasters 2015 So Far! Day 1 - Jersey Shore Breakdo

Sheesh, that really sounds bad, kind of what I'm the most scared of when I decide to go somewhere by myself... What car do you drive?

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Re: Chris Coasters 2015 So Far! Day 1 - Jersey Shore Breakdo

It was a 2003 Chevy Malibu and up until that it really never gave me any trouble. To be safe I take my moms car now which is a 2009 Impala so I feel better driving it. My Malibu got myself and my friend Jake all the way to Ohio and then on to Indiana and back to Massachusetts so I think it was just all the bad stuff that could of possibly happened all happened at once.

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Re: Chris Coasters 2015 So Far! Day 1 - Jersey Shore Breakdo

So for what seemed like one of the worst days ever to one of the best days of my life. May 20th 2015 Wicked Cyclone Media Day. I got really excited first talking to Jerry about going to Wicked Cyclone Media Day since I have never been to one and I have never been on a RMC coaster. Months passed without talking to Jerry and I started to worry I wouldn't be able to go. One day I see a message from Jerry asking if I still wanted to go and of course I said yes.

I stayed at my cousins house the night before and I hardly slept. I bugged a sleep deprived ECG who had just gotten back from Laff Trakk media day about what would happen tomorrow. I finally got some sleep but not much.

So I left really early just wanting to get a good parking spot and wait for ECG to arrive. Well they wouldn't even let me park at SFNE so I had to wait in a Valero parking lot for Jerry to show up. We ending up parking in a backlot area about 50 feet from Wicked Cyclone. I was so excited seeing the trains run and knowing I would be riding in minutes.

Since Media Day I have been back to SFNE and have been on Wicked Cyclone around 10-15 times. It is such an amazing ride. Airtime everywhere, smooth inversions, a sweet drop, and some great turns. My favorite part is easily the stall that thing is amazing<3. The other inversions are just as perfect but I really love that stall.

One of the best parts about media day was getting to talk to Alan Schilke throughout the day. He is such a cool laid back nice dude. Like these people are coming up to him all day and are like OMG YOU ARE AMAZING HOW DO YOU DO THIS THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG and Alan is just like yeah thanks its what I do, its my job. He doesn't brag or flaunt who he is, he is just a average dude who happens to make coasters for a living. I didn't treat him like a celebrity but as a human. I told him thanks for building some awesome rides and mentioned I had only been on Tennessee Tornado. He said that it was like a baby to him since it was one of his earliest coasters. Throughout the day I had random encounters with him from taking a ladies picture with him in which he called me out and said "he's a good kid he will take a picture for you" and standing like 5 feet away from him during the ceremonies. If you ever get the chance to meet him do it. He is such a laid back guy.

I feel bad because some trolls were hardcore trolling him. Some guy asked him if he had built Steel Dragon 2000. No word of a lie.

Oh well no more of me typing here are all my pictures from the event.

1 Legend interviewing another legend.

Clint Novak in the front seat of Wicked Cyclone. Clint is a really cool dude also. He has a YouTube channel called In The Loop and I believe he use to have some association with Coaster Crew.

Overall it was a spectacular day. I felt so important and felt like a true VIP. Getting to go in some off access areas to take pictures, meeting Alan and some other cool coaster people, unfortunately seeing that thing that is Robb Alvey, and of course getting to ride Wicked Cyclone, my first RMC, days before the general public. If you have a chance to go to a media day for anything please go do it. One of the best experiences you can have as a coaster enthusiast. Such a awesome feeling. It also gives you the chance to see into what people like ECG do. It isn't all fun and games and riding coasters. It is a lot of filming, taking pictures, filming off rides, interviews, waiting for that perfect photo opportunity, and a lot of standing around. I was starting to get a little antsy wanting to just whore Wicked Cyclone. Overall such a amazing time and if you get the chance to do so GO TO A MEDIA EVENT.

Thanks for reading today everyone. Tomorrow I will be back with some random coasters in Connecticut including a fair coaster, my friend Ben's 100th, his brothers 50th, and THE LAKE COMPOUNCE KIDDIE CRED?!?!?!?!?!?!?


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Re: Chris Coasters 2015 So Far! Day 2 - Wicked Media Day

Just wanted to say that I'm glad you were able to join me and had such a good time. Your help throughout the event was greatly appreciated, even if I didn't express it at the time. I'm also glad that people like you and Andrus got to see that what I do at the parks is actually work and not all fun and games. I gladly welcome any CFers to join me while I'm filming at parks, but you won't be hanging around me for long as I only ride the coasters once to film an on-ride POV. After that it's just spending hours standing around waiting to get the right shot.

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Re: Chris Coasters 2015 So Far! Day 2 - Wicked Media Day

Thanks Jerry, means a lot to me.

Okay so Day 3 is easily going to be the most boring part of this report but I will try and make it fun.

So on June 6th I went to Lake Compounce with my friends Alex, Ben, Brian and Ethan(Ben and Ethan are brothers). This was the first time any of them had been to the park and my third time going. Normally I am not that excited going to a place I have all the coasters at but Lake Compounce has 1 coaster that has spited me since my first trip to the park in 2010, Kiddie Coaster. One of the most illustrious kiddie coasters I can think of. I know some who have been spited like me and others like CanobieFan who have been on it on various different occasions. This trip I wasn't going to let it spite me so I went above its head. I messaged the park on Facebook and explained my situation and they gladly let me on. I just had to ask for someone when I got to the park. I asked and minutes later a lady came and escorted me to the coaster. She told the ride op "If you see this kid or his friends throughout the day let him ride". Nobody else wanted to ride so I got my lone ride and revenge was so sweet.

Believe it or not this isn't the most unbelievable cred whoring moment on this trip report wait till I mention what happened at Great Escape.

Best Airtime Ever

After I got the cred we spent the rest of the day riding random flats and of course getting the other four the parks other three coasters. After eating and running the park dry it was time to leave but we had plans. For days Ben's brother Ethan was telling me he wanted to get the same coaster as Ben for their upcoming milestones. After Compounce Ben was at 98 coasters and Ethan at 48. Ben's original plan was to go get Ethan Wooden Warrior and have Ben get Wicked Cyclone a couple days later to put them at 49 and 99 so that we could plan a day and go get Dragon/Roadrunner Roller Coaster from Ocean Beach Park in New London, CT also known as the 40 dollar coaster. We went to this park before but were told twice that the ride opened at different times and they do not allow re-entry to the park so we had to pay 40 dollars for parking and never got to ride it that day. Horrible spite. That day Ben vowed to make it his 100th.

So on our way to Quassy I discovered a local fair was running about a half mile off the highway so we stopped to see if we could get them a cred there and we did.

Ladies and Gentleman...Acceleration Station.

3 goons hard at work

Best Ride OP Ever. At first we got in line and he was like "YALL CAN'T RIDE YOU WILL BREAK MAH TRAIN" and then he let us on and joked around with us.

I got front row as usually with Ethan behind me and Ben in third row.

After some photos we went to the car and headed off for Ocean Beach Park we started out going pretty normal speed but when we called and found out the park closed in a hour and a half and we were a hour and 20 minutes away we had to haul it. Alex drove us to Ocean Beach 10 minutes before our original ETA and 20 minutes before the park closed at 5. We ran to a ticket booth and got some tokens to ride and we hopped on for Ethan's 50th and Ben's 100th. It was also important for me because with it I have officially been on everything in the state of Connecticut.

I let them take the first two rows so they could have their moment.

Celebratory handshake with their mentor(me)

This coaster is easily the biggest crap ever taken. On RCDB it says that it was 3 coasters or so were combined to make 1 coaster. It has spare parts and track stacked up near it. It literally felt like you just welded parts from different coasters together. Those hills were pure torture and we got thrown around those trains so much. It didn't help the train went around 8 TIMES!!!! Easily one of the worst coasters ever but hey a milestone is a milestone and it was what they wanted to do. See I went with wooden coasters for my milestones (Cyclone at Luna Park 50, and El Toro 100) and hope to do the same for 200. I wouldn't ever want to get something like this garbage for a milestone. Can't wait to never go back to Ocean Beach Park again.

Thanks for reading my random cred whoring adventure throughout Connecticut.

Tomorrow will be another day of sadness as I will talk about my trip that I have wanted to go to for a long time and a park notoriously not liked on here. Playland Park in Rye, NY.

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Re: Chris Coasters 2015 So Far! Day 3 -CT Creds

Day 4 of my journey so far this season takes me to a park I have wanted to go to for years now. Mainly because I have passed this park so many times on other road trips and have never been to it. Finally I decided to make the journey over there since it is also one of the closest parks to me that I haven't been to. Also part of it was in my favorite movie Big so I had to see it in person. Like most of my trips I started at my cousins house and after a fairly easy drive to Rye it was time for the coasters.

So the first thing I wanted to do was the Old Mill dark ride. It looked really cool and unique from what I have seen online and was eager to ride it. However I apparently can't ride it without a child and later in the day kids were being rejected for not having adults. One of many odd rules that I encountered at Playland Park.

I headed over to Super Flight but it wasn't open yet. So I went to Dragon Coaster for my first wooden coaster of 2015.

Overall it wasn't bad or good it was just whatever. Very bland and dull ride. So slow and boring. It wasn't rough at all but was just very odd. I liked it but it was just so very very very very dull. I have never had such a boring ride on a coaster.

Than I headed back over to Super Flight for some misery. I did't remember Soarin Eagle being this bad. This was vile.

Next was Crazy Mouse. I heard a lot of people say they weren't allowed for height restrictions. I am 6 ft tall and I got on no problem.

It is a wild mouse that doesn't do what a wild mouse should do. It is really smooth and doesn't give you the feeling of a wild mouse should. If I ride a wild mouse I want it to try and throw me off the track.

Last coaster is Family Flyer. +1 for a zamperla kiddie cred.

Next two are some dark rides they have that I wasn't able to ride :/

Witch Hunt and Zombie Hunt

Rye has really dumb rules in regard to riding them alone so I didn't bother trying to find someone to sit back row so I can ride these so I just didn't bother to ride them. If anyone has been on them let me know how they are!

Overall I was disappointed with the park. The food was bad, the ride ops and staff were very rude/not friendly and I won't be going back unless they open something major.

But wait the park has one more coaster. KIDDY COASTER

LOL Of course I didn't ride it. This one is harder to ride than the one at Compounce.

Tomorrow will be my last day and it will talk about my trip to Great Escape , where I got very lucky with Frankie's Mine Train in the craziest credwhoring scenario ever. Thanks for reading!


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Re: Chris Coasters 2015 So Far! Day 4 - Playland Park Blues

The height restriction on Rye's wild mouse is fairly simple - if you can stand up straight without hitting your head against the station ceiling/roof then you're good to go. At six feet (I thought you were slightly shorter than I am :? ), I'm surprised your hair wasn't brushing against the ceiling.

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Re: Chris Coasters 2015 So Far! Day 4 - Playland Park Blues

They told me to keep my hands down but that is all they said. I always get measured at 5 foot 11 but with shoes and my hair I am 6 feet.

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Re: Chris Coasters 2015 So Far! Day 4 - Playland Park Blues

So in order to try and get my 200th coaster on my road trip starting in two days. I went up to Great Escape and Western Mass to ride the 2 alpine coasters. I ended up picking up 8 coasters that day and here are the first two.

First is the Thunderbolt Mountain Coaster from Berkshire East Mountain Coaster.

I have been on 4 alpine coasters and this is the newest and one of the best. Very long track nice layout decent speeds. I personally count alpine coasters into my count because they show pretty much all of the same characteristics of roller coasters.

After this one I headed over to Jiminy Peak to ride The Mountain Coaster.

This is one of the older alpines around but it is easily the best. It didn't have the layout of the other one but it was so smooth. I couldn't believe how smooth it was. I was flying full speed around each curve, such a great ride.

Next was a drive to Great Escape. It was mainly back roads and then like 30 miles on the highway. I got to the park around 1 o clock and started getting the coasters. The place was so packed. All the waits in the beginning of the day were like 20-40 minutes but as the day went on the lines got shorter.

First coaster was something that many dream to do but very little can accomplish. Waiting half a hour for a Vekoma Boomerang.

So this is 1 of the two coasters that are original to the park. The other being Frankie's Mine Train , the kiddie cred. Once you have ridden 1 vekoma boomerang you have ridden em all. Another awful +1.

So I wanted to go ride Alpine Bobsled next but I couldn't find the entrance to it. I however did find the entrance to Comet.

This was easily my favorite coaster of the day. Comet is a nice classic wooden coaster. I hate the location over behind the water park area though. I was excited to ride another ACE Landmark coaster. It has a decent speed to it and isn't that rough. A guy in line said it was in the top 5 best wooden coasters in the world. I didn't call him out and tell him how totally wrong he was. I just thought it would be amusing to share with CF. The line for Comet was about 20 minutes which was one of the shorter waits.

Finally I found the entrance to Alpine Bobsled and i was not happy. 40 minutes for this piece of garbage.

I don't know how this was when it was in Great America or Great Adventure but it has not done very well in Great Escape. Literally horribly rough, stupid restraints, paint was coming off of this thing everywhere, and I literally felt like the train was airborne a couple times. One of the absolute worst coasters I have been on.

After that disaster I went over to ride Canyon Blaster and Steamin' Demon. I had given up trying to get Frankie's Mine Train. I hop in line for Steamin' Demon and there was apparently a power outage in that area of the park. So I decided to go grab some pizza. After I ate I went back over and everything was running first was Canyon Blaster.

So I start walking into the queue for Canyon Blaster and a mother of 2 stops me. She explains to me that this is her son's favorite ride in the world but she was alone and had to watch her 3 year old son. She asks me if i was willing to ride it with her 6 year old to which i replied ABSOLUTELY!!!!!! I was plotting how I was going to ask her to let him ride with me on Frankie's Mine Train for the cred. It was totally fair since I was helping her out by letting him ride Canyon Blaster with me.

Canyon Blaster was pretty good IMO. Maxx the little kid I rode with told me it was the best coaster in the world and it was really high and really fast. I knew it wasn't but I played along. The restraints are stupid bulky on this thing for no reason. Another relocated coaster here it use to be at Opryland and some place in Indiana. It was a pretty nice coaster.

So Maxx and I get off and I bring him back over to his mom and it was time to ask. I explained that I was a coaster enthusiast from Massachusetts and that I came here for the day to ride all the coasters and there was one coaster in the park I couldn't ride because I was to tall. She seemed confused at first as to why I wanted to ride it but Maxx was down to ride so she said yes. On the walk over to Frankie's Mine Train we chatted coasters. She said she had been to CP, KD, Dorney and Hershey and I told her I had been to all of those and some. She was very nice, Her name was Erica and once I got off Frankie's Mine Train with Maxx I thanked her very much and she understood completely how getting all the creds was important to me. I said my goodbyes to her and Maxx and went on my way to Steamin' Demon. I wonder how they are doing today. I will forever remember Maxx with two X's for using is youth and height to get me a cred and his mom Erica for totally being awesome about it.

Last coaster I was on was this beauty known as Steamin' Demon. In all seriousness I love this paint job. The coaster is like other arrows I have been on. A little painful for the head/ neck on the corkscrews but other than that not to bad.

By the way one cool thing that I think is super awesome is that the building for one of the parks older coaster Nightmare at Crackle Axle Canyon is still here. Sadly coaster is gone but no attempt to get rid of our change the paint on the building with its name.

That is it from me for now and I hope you enjoyed these random trips I have done so far. I will be back soon with other trip reports. I will be going on a big PA and Ohio trip in a couple days and getting my 200th coaster. I am going to Carowinds, SFA, and Clementon park in July, and I am going to Texas in August and of course random coasters throughout will be touched upon as well.

Thank you for reading and here is to a great rest of the season.


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Rye has really dumb rules in regard to riding them alone so I didn't bother trying to find someone to sit back row so I can ride these so I just didn't bother to ride them. If anyone has been on them let me know how they are!

I got on both alone no problem a week or so ago - Both pretty nice, but spook-a-rama at coney island is better!! on the website it only says no singles on "old mill" and the big wheel..