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Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024


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I'm very happy that this coaster is getting a second life, but I still can't help but wonder what could have been. The launch track is so long and soooooo straight. It seems like a missed opportunity to not have added a little airtime hill on that section of the track.

Peter Immelmann

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Absolutely, and I'm sure these ideas must have been on the table. However, I guess CP wanted to minimize the risks and just let Zamperla do the bare minimum in changing the actual layout. Actually, could be a wise dicision from a reliablility point of view but definetly a bummer when it comes to 'what could have been' (guess you could have done all sorts of crazy stuff also on the brake run side). Anyway, the spike will be phenomenal no matter what, so that will be the selling point for me.
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(guess you could have done all sorts of crazy stuff also on the brake run side)

You know what? You're absolutely right, and now that you mention it I'm surprised there wasn't more of a stink from enthusiasts about them doing absolutely nothing with the brake run side.

I suppose you'd have to consider how much it'd effect dispatch times and/or capacity which will probably be pretty mundayne with 3(?) trains as it is.

Just a shame to see all the energy go to waste and straight into a brake run.
Just a shame to see all the energy go to waste and straight into a brake run.
I've thought for a while that an enormous vertical loop on the break run side would have been awesome. Sure, it's not the most unique element but I'd assume that it would have been around the 250ft mark (at least) which would have been cool on-ride due to the sheer size and it would have also looked amazing off-ride on the skyline.

I wouldn't have thought one extra element would affect capacity that much.

Plus it'd have to the be tallest loop and the tallest inversion in the world. And we all know how much Cedar Point loves their records (cough, cough, Valravn, cough...).

Steely Dan

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^ I've had that exact same thought.

An absolutely gigantic record breaking vertical loop would've been really cool, and a great way to make it even more of a complete ride, but it probably wouldn't have come cheaply.

Oh well, the revamped ride we are getting will still be loads of fun, and it's an incredibly better outcome than CP scrapping the whole thing.


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New details on TT2 from a Tiktok live event held yesterday afternoon:
Here's some main points from Cedar Point's TikTok live regarding Top Thrill 2 that just ended:

•There will be a separate load and unload station, which will both be entirely under the canopy.

•Will be finishing programming in the next few weeks, but there should be 5 block zones. They mentioned load station, unload station, and waiting (specifically identified as top of the top hat through to curve behind unload station) - presumably the launch block itself and maybe a pre-launch block between the station and launch switch-track?

•As expected, launch track switch will switch right after the prior train clears the top of the top hat, and the next train can proceed into the launch area. The train on the launch track CAN launch even if the prior train hasn't exited the waiting block, and the third swing of the launch will fail if there's still a train in the waiting block.

•There were be a separate operator panel position specifically for launching the train, alongside monitoring it while it heads to and is on the launch track performing the swings and going over the top hat.

•Will not be revealing minimum operating temperatures, maximum windspeeds, or theoretical hourly capacity/ridership numbers. While the ride will operate with only three trains versus the original six, it will not be held back by the original ~60 second minimum recharge time from the original launch system. They're expecting significantly more overall ridership than TTD due to this and much better operational uptime.

•52in Height Requirement. No max rider height set yet, should be "if you can fit in the restraint, you can ride." There will be a test seat available.

•New trains will have a higher rider heartline than the original trains.

•There are no modifications to the top hat aside from painting. This appears to confirm no addition of trims on the top hat even with the higher-set trains.

•Opening on opening day (Saturday May 4th), though there will be an opportunity to ride it beforehand for season pass holders.

•Bleachers are staying with unspecified modifications.

•Loose articles policy, theme/themeing elements/details like "Ready to Go" playing, new setup of the gift shop/merch store, whether the ride will be on early entry, etc.. will all be announced later. Lockers will be present.

•These two employees DO consider TT2 a new credit, for those of you who have the original who want some "official" park combination.

Loved getting some of these operational details, and live video of that massive new spike up close was awesome!


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That first front launch looks weak.

Back spike trip looks about 100+ feet short of the tower height.

Glad this ride is not going bye-bye but...I'll just leave it at that.

Can we at least give Six Flags the props they deserve for buying one of these from Intamin, and holding on to Kingda Ka as it is? Probably the last we'll ever see a hydraulic launch of that magnitude.

Aaron Smith

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That is extremely accurate. Ka needs some maintenance soon or the harmonic vibrations might be the end of it.
The vibrations aren't too bad at all near the first (within the first 4 rows). I actually found my rides in 2023 to be pretty enjoyable as long as I could prevent the restraint from tightening too much. From what I've heard the back of the train is unbearable.


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I gave it a second chance and tried the front row like everyone would say, and it was STILL bad.

I doubt Six Flags will do much with it until it's too late (kinda like how they're handling Toro)... pretty sure some wild animals have set up a nest in the second station since the park has ignored it for over a decade anyway.


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I will also gladly remind the group: we are genuinely here because of one significant accident that majorly wounded and sent someone to the hospital. In lieu of that accident, TTD would be operational as it was. Being able to still have a Top Thrill at the park is the greatest achievement of all, especially on the heels of the recent Dodonpa closure announcement. It turns out firing moving parts at sigificant g-force and speed, hundreds of cycles a day, is a really bad idea. 🤷‍♀️