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Biblical Coaster Names


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Meanwhile, the various Pagan religions have their nomenclature plastered all over the theme park universe already. Obvious ones from Germanic religion include Wodan, Odinexpressen, Thor's Hammer, Balder (by a very roundabout way, as the coaster is named after a football team named after a park named after the Norse god), Valkyria/ Valkyrie, Valhalla, Ragnarök, Frida, and probably countless others.


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The what now?
Tada! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob's_Ladder

Idk, name a swing or something after it. 😅

Are there really that many rollercoasters named after demons? All I can think of is Leviathan and the generically named Demon at each Great America park
Leviathan is really just akin to "Large sea monster", similar to "Kraken" and the likes.

But for other "Demon" and "Devil" names, there's a few adjectives out there:
  • Screamin' Demon
  • Steamin' Demon
  • Dare Devil Dive (though more conjuring of stunts)
  • Devil's Backbone
  • Devil's Coach
  • Devil's Chute
  • Devil's Loop
  • Devil's Mine
I'm sure there's a longform CF article in various culture's comforts in conjuring/naming with pagan and other religious contexts. Here in America, there's an arguable "PC" vibe of leaving religion out of the naming, to @solarfall's point of playing to cryptid and local legend instead.