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Best night coasters


Giga Poster
Radaxian said:
Coasters that have a forrest-y vibe (ie: lots of surrounding trees) are good at night, like Thirteen and Vampire.

[strike]Anything with snazzy lights on the train is also great: Helix, Rip Ride Rockit, Swarm.[/strike]

Plus vertical lift hill coasters where you're looking up at the stars <3 (Most Eurofighters etc)

I'm sure the coaster I'll ride in the dark tomorrow (Falcon in Duinrell) will be great then, because it has two of the three things you mentioned :p .


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All coasters are better in the dark, but...

I rode Beast at night earlier this year for the first time (only ever had done it in daytime on previous trips), and it was awesome - hurtling through the almost black forest with little idea of whats going on. YUM!

Rode CPs coasters in the dark last season, and most enjoyed Millennium Force in the dark - out on the island/water parts and all you could see was dark vegetation with the glow of the park just behind it - splendid stuff.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to get one of the last rides of the day on MrFreeze in Texas (when it was running forwards) on the front row - and floating up the spike, slowly grinding to a halt whilst all you could see was the starry skies above/ahead, was all rather wonderful too.


Donkey in a hat
Lots of people saying Nemesis, but every time I've been on it in the dark, there's been that many floodlights on the area that it may as well be broad daylight.
No, my vote goes to the Pepsi Max Big One. Surprised it's not getting more love in this topic.
Sure, it's pretty lame in daylight.. but in the dark on a cold, crisp Autumn night? Can't beat it.

Magic Mountain's Revolution was another one - got no idea what it's like in daylight to be honest, I only rode it at night because the park was about to close and it was the only credit I hadn't yet collected. Man, that was REALLY dark!

How about Oakwood's Treetops Coaster? The woods are so dense around that thing that it's pretty dark even in daylight!

Finally, I've got to give a mention to Volcano at Kings Dominion. Last year the park was celebrating its 40th birthday with a nightly fireworks display, and we ended our day by bursting out of Volcano's crater just as the fireworks kicked off. The timing was just perfect.
Great ride!


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Love riding coasters at night. That combination of darkness and being slightly tired makes everything that little bit more intense.

My best night ride ever was on Stampida a few years ago. It was a bit rough as always, but my companion and I got the last train of the night and were sat in the back with no one else in the train. It was so mad I couldn't believe how much better it was than any previous rides I'd had on it. I tried to recreate this experience the next night, but I never got a train to myself again and the "magic" of that one ride just didn't seem to want to repeat itself.