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Bellewaerde | Wakala | Gerstlauer Family Semi-Shuttle


Giga Poster
It looks pretty good to be fair.

I'm still not sold on the worthwhileness of the spike / reverse section, and the coaster looks a bit on the tame side to start with, but otherwise a really solid investment.

Oh, and I love that music.


Giga Poster
Three aspects I loved about this coaster:
- How they kept / planted so much greenery around the coaster!
- The fact that the second tire-lift hill looked almost like a mild launch?
- That's how you do a spike (the train almost got to the end of it! (Looking at you Vekoma and your half-arsed shuttle coasters!)


Slut for Spinners
Reminds me a lot of Firechaser Express, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all!


Strata Poster
Looks surprisingly good. Definitely will become one of the best things in the park. (Although outside of Huracan, log flume and topple tower, it doesn't have much competition...)


Hyper Poster
Gerst family coaster's always surprise me with how good they actually are, might be time for a visit when were allowed to


Mega Poster
I’m always a bit surprised that Vekoma’s boomerangs don’t get this close to the end of the spike, because it’s surely something that can be calculated pretty accurately, with a margin of error based on the changing occupancy weight of the train. If you wanted to over-engineer it, you could weigh the train, Duelling Dragons-style, and adjust the speed of the mid-course launch accordingly to ensure the train always reached the same point of the spike.


Giga Poster
Seeing that train go that up the spike gave me anxiety! But that's how a shuttle coaster should be like. I am really liking this addition!


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Social Media Team
It's actually quite fast in places. I think that looks brilliant!