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20 years of CF-Lives - Your favorite memories!


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Let's hear em! We've been at this for a few minutes, I want to hear what you've enjoyed, which event was your fondest, what ride did you love the most, etc! I'll post mine later as I'm working but I think a worth pinned topic @Ian! :)


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Fondest/Fave whatever you want to call it for me it was the 2016 GhosterForce trip. 4 incredible parks, Walibi Holland, Toverland, Phantasialand and Efteling. The entire trip was good natured fun, barely any faff.

My highlights were;
Safeword-Serena in the Clinic
The brilliance of Walibi's horror walkthroughs, both the areas and the haunts themselves including the firepit area where Jake and I hung out for a while and the amazing Chucky finale of the film themed haunt
Shaun getting to ride Goliath despite his worries
The individual CDs that Ian made for the cars
Sue absolutely stacking it on the kids roundabout at Toverland
Playing "Hide Jordanovichy's bag" at the top of the kids play area
Mine and Mark's wonder at Dwervelwind, really blew our minds
The Dragon Bar with Sue, JayJay and Dan, culminating in a very drunk JayJay meeting the pavement just outside Ling Bao
"Munching on Toast"
Everything about Phantasialand as a group but a special mention to the River Quest virgins
Taron ERT - One of the best experiences ever
Approaching Baron 1898 through the mist
Experiencing Vliegende Hollander for the first time
The little match girl
"I thought Efteling was going to be really nice and well themed but actually it's just kids catching things out of a donkey's anus"
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I'm sure that I will think of more as soon as a I post this but here we go!

2012: The Swarm:

My first live! Met some great people that day, who I still go on trips with! Twas' that day I learned what ERT was!

2015: Italy:

It's not the size, it's what you do with it! A small group but big laughs! Around ten of I us (I think) spent a few days visiting many parks in Italy! I found a new No.1, Katun! It was a great trip, with great food and people. Remains one of my all time fave lives.

In bad cred news, I don't miss this thing!

I also reached 200 cred! I was honoured to have my photo taken shaking @Ian's hand next to this bin that looks a bit like a penis:

The full squad:

2016: Sweden:

Sweden was next. I still hadn't learned how to smile:

First visits to Grona and Kolmarden! I believe this was the first time I met @Howie, what a legend!

2016: GF:

I believe this was the first European GF! We visited Walibi, Toverland, Phantasialand and Efteling. All new parks to me!

Efteling thoughts: "I thought Efteling was going to be really nice and well themed but actually it's just kids catching things out of a donkey's anus"
Probably the best thing I've ever said.

Toverland is such a fab place! If you're wondering how cool @DelPiero and I were in 2016, check this out:


I believe this was my first visit to Phantasialand! What a place, it quickly became, still is, my fave park!
We also visited Drievliet, home of boat with a lid:



GF Euro part 2! My first time driving abroad!
Surely by now I have learnt to smile:


Well actually sort of, @Rachel told me to:


featuring @Coaster Hipster

It was my first visit to Hansa:

It was great fun being in the collective **** yourself on the Karnan lift hill.
After a change of underwear we went on Ian Bell the ride:

I remember queuing for this telling @SilverArrow about things I'd encountered (in my professional careers) that people had got stuck up their arse and/or got their penis stuck in.

No trip to Hansa would be complete without viewing their night time entertainment where a star was born:

We also visited MovieWorld, my first visit: Me and @Chris Brown were back row bandits

There you go. Those are my favourite lives that I can remember. It is actually quite hard to put a live into words. Live in name and live in nature. A group of enthusiasts being silly and having fun is something to be experienced, not written about. I'd like to thank everyone who organised, drove or contributed to lives over the years. I feel like I grew up but not necessarily matured with lives. It was truly a pleasure to meet most of you who attended lives. I certainly made friends for life and I look forward to trips in the future.



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Similar thread here...

... and I'm gonna give the same answer I gave in that one - Sweden 2016, CF's first ever visit to Kolmarden. Naturally, Liseberg and Grona Lund ended up being unofficial add-ons.
Not my first Live, had done a couple of UK based, single day events in the same year but it was my first overseas, multi-park adventure and it was awesommmme! Got my 200th cred, got my first RMC, got a new number 1, shared a room with @caffeine_demon and @ATTACKHAMMER ... all life-changing experiences. 😉

I didn't go to Ghosterforce 2016, but Ghosterforce 2017 was pretty similar in that it featured Phantasialand and night-time ERT on Taron, which is always a good thing.

Shout out too to the 2019 Port Aventura winter Live. Amazing company, as always and 2 and a half days of Port Aventura & Ferrari Land with zero crowds and great weather.
Oh, and Shambhala was absolutely on fire that weekend. Those night rides were nothing short of sublime.


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Shout out too to the 2019 Port Aventura winter Live. Amazing company, as always and 2 and a half days of Port Aventura & Ferrari Land with zero crowds and great weather.
Oh, and Shambhala was absolutely on fire that weekend. Those night rides were nothing short of sublime.
Yeah, this was my favourite of the few official Lives I've done, such a great weekend with a fantastic group of people and some lovely weather. I'll never forget wearing shorts and eating ice cream on 30th November and laughing for hours whilst getting drunk on the Saturday night.

My other favourite would be the Waliplopsterix trip in 2017, my first ever CF Live visiting 3 new parks with a group of what was then almost all strangers and being made most welcome by the likes of @Mysterious Sue, @Chris Brown and of course @Howie 🥰


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My other favourite would be the Waliplopsterix trip in 2017, my first ever CF Live

I came here with the intention of carrying on writing up the FLY into the New Year trip report, but I got distracted by this comment and have instead just wasted the last half hour happily re-reading the old Ploptrix trip report thread! 😀
Yeah that was a great one too - even better to be part of the splinter group that unofficially added on Walibi.
Team Waliplopsterix for the win!
Most of the pictures still work too - aww, we all looked so young (and thin. And less grey. And less beardy!)
But anyway, this isn't getting FLY into the New Year done. (And even that isn't what I'm really supposed to be doing. According to Mrs Howie I'm supposed to be deep cleaning the fridge) 🤫.


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If it wasn't for CF Lives then I think my life would have turned out very differently, joining CF forum and then doing the Lives made me realise I wasn't the only one who had an interest in coasters and theme parks. I made friends for life at my first CF Live in Feb 2005 at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and I'll always be grateful for that.

It was great spending time with Ian, Jerry and Ben at various points of the IAAPA Expo in Orlando back in November, good times just like at the CF Lives.


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Only got to attend one CF Live, but the 2019 Kentucky Kingdom & Holiday World Live was an absolute banger! It was my introduction to an incredible group of friends and led to some even bigger and crazier meetups.



Had a ton of fun both parks, with highlights including Storm Chaser whoring, fooling around in the lazy river, and the drunken mishaps at our little Airbnb party. And it took place in the middle of my mostly solo-road trip, so the excitement level exploded in such a short window when I finally met up with a group of goons.
I'll probably have time in the coming days but a few things that come to mind from some of the older lives:

- Everyone being in on Hixee being deaf, and my stupid ass falling for it for the better part of 24 hours. It's a story I still tell to this day when I tell people I'm gullible.
- Also all the words like sky darkeners that I believed, and when we all walked around with those cheap Primark sunglasses on
- The on ride photo on Saw of Ben in Cruella De Vil garb and Chris in a floppy Gingy outfit
- "Suck my taint" from South Park courtesy of Gavin
- My anus is bleeding
- Red Carpet Inn... I still think that might be the worst hotel I've ever stayed in. Cockroaches? Check. Blood and semen stains? Check. Spiders? Check
- 2007 opening year when Justin complained about being stapled on Dragster so we all got to take over the train and skip the line on Maverick
- People in my car telling me to go skiing and I was terribly confused as to what they meant
- Trauma on the Giant Wheel at Cedar Point, pretty sure I've never had more of a heart attack ever than when the people in my carriage were swinging it around
- Skyrush ERT at Hershey with all the bugs, and the parking lot full of bugs

God there had to be so many, I'm sure I'll think of more in the coming hours but I have to get ready, so I'll have to end it there. A ton of great memories on meet ups and non-Live trips with CFers as well, but I tried to stick to official Lives.