1. ImagineerTim

    Earth,Wind&Fire Coaster {Indoor Coaster} Now Open!

    Earth,Wind&Fire Coaster One of my recent projects. Rush through the Electric Universe! First construction pictures:
  2. ImagineerTim

    TITANIUM [X-Dimension Coaster] Now Open!

  3. ImagineerTim

    Tiki Splash {Water Dive Coaster} NOW OPEN!

    NEW 2021 Tiki Splash {Water Dive Coaster} Far away on a tropical island, lies an ancient volcano. Fire meets water and natures forces awake...
  4. ImagineerTim

    Crazy Machines ⚙️

    Crazy Machines ⚙️ Machine 1 "Ice Cream Hot Rod"
  5. ImagineerTim

    Gringotts Coaster [NOW OPEN!] Darkride Coaster ✨

    HARRY POTTER GRINGOTTS COASTER ✨ We found a secret way to enter Gringotts bank technical maintenance vaults! Indoor darkride coaster inspired by Harry Potter and Universal's Escape from Gringotts...
  6. ImagineerTim

    Buzz Lightyear's Flight [Indoor Coaster] ✨? POV Video

    Buzz Lightyear's Flight [NEW 2020] As I'm a huge fan of Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, I've started to built an indoor roller coaster themed to Buzz Lightyear! Here are the first impressions:
  7. ImagineerTim

    Wuze River Adventure {Water Darkride}

    This water darkride is inspired by Phantasialand's Wuze theme. It could easily fit into the Hollywood Tour building... I think it's a pitty that the Wuze theme is not present at Hollywood Tour/ Crazy Bats... Moreover a darkride is missing in this area, to reduce the waiting time at Winjas...
  8. ImagineerTim

    Alpina Blitz {Alpine Coaster}

    High in the mountains there lives a beast... Discover the legend of the mountain!
  9. ImagineerTim

    Christmas Coaster {Indoor Coaster} POV

    It's Christmas! Christmas Flight takes you away into the nightsky! Ride along Santa above mountains and landscapes...
  10. ImagineerTim

    Gorillaz - The Ride [Indoor Coaster] NOW OPEN! Download

    Inspired by Gorillaz
  11. ImagineerTim

    ImagineerTim's Vogel Rok [Indoor Rollercoaster]

    Time to ride a classic ride created in RCT3. For some reason I never posted it on the forums here. Its compact and nicely paced with the music and the effects. Take ride on the Vogel Rok! Vogel Rok is a high speed thrilling rollercoaster through the Sinbad fairytale, where Vogel Rok takes you...
  12. ImagineerTim

    SKYRIM Dwemer Coaster ⚡ [Multi Launch Coaster] DOWNLOAD

    Intamin Multi Launch Coaster that ventures deep down through the Dwemer mines...
  13. ImagineerTim

    ImagineerTim's Piraten in Batavia {RCT3}

    An adventurous journey through the Chinese Sea awaits... Past the Sumatran Jungle. Batavia is burning and you want to go there? Station Artwork
  14. ImagineerTim

    ImagineerTim's Joris en de Draak Reupload

    Here another reupload from 2013. Vekoma Indoor MK themed to Efteling's Joris en de Draak legend. It joins my vekoma indoor coaster series. Now I have plenty of them with many diffrent themes. From Paris to the Draak swamp lol Have fun!
  15. ImagineerTim

    ImagineerTim's Alpina Bahn

    Discover what lies within Matterhorn Mountain... Gerstlauer Bobsled Coaster inspired by Disneyland's Matterhorn Bobsleds, Expedition Everest and Europapark's Matterhorn Blitz... Here is the first artwork and some construction pictures:
  16. ImagineerTim

    ImagineerTim's Moulin Rouge {RCT3} CanCan Coaster

    Inspired by the new EuroSat Concepts [Europapark] Vekoma Indoor Rollercoaster MK-900 High speed journey through the Parisan nightlife in style of Moulin Rouge, featuring rollercoaster fun, theming and effects.
  17. ImagineerTim

    ImagineerTim's Space Center/Temple of the Nighthawk [RCT3]

    I just finished my second version of Werner Stengel's masterpiece rebuild and reimagined by myself. I did Temple years ago and now its time for the space theme. layout is the same. less layout more theming. more immersion.
  18. ImagineerTim

    ImagineerTim's Aquatrax {Intamin Blitz/Atlantis Coaster}

    My latest coaster project: Inspired by all RCT3 Atlantis Rides and Lotte World's Aquatrax... In my new channel video there is also a little scene where the coaster project is featured:
  19. ImagineerTim

    ImagineerTim's Pirates of the Caribbean [RCT3] 2017 Version

    "Psst! Avast there! It be too late to alter course, mateys... and there be plundering pirates lurking in every cove, waitin' to board. Sit closer together, and keep your ruddy hands inboard. That be the best way to repel boarders. And mark well me words, mateys... dead men tell no tales!
  20. ImagineerTim

    ImagineerTim's Winjas Force {RCT3}

    After riding Winjas Fear, you are challenged by the wuze goddess again... Be prepared for a twisty ride!