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ImagineerTim's Aquatrax {Intamin Blitz/Atlantis Coaster}


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My latest coaster project:

Inspired by all RCT3 Atlantis Rides and Lotte World's Aquatrax...






In my new channel video there is also a little scene where the coaster project is featured:


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Another spectacular looking coaster! Very impressive!

Good work on the trailer too, pretty good.


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Thanks. Its a pleasure to read this comments, but keep in mind that I did not design the Cars (Revolutionary Rides) and without the EP Addons and SampleRocker's work as well as the CS sets, my projects would not be there. The game was pushed by the community. Everyone has their special projects. My speciality is using all those things and form it into a full themed ride concept. Other people made CS or CTR's and that makes RCT3 so interesting. The game development is community driven. I hope to create CS sets as well in the future. Projects where new CS sets are necessary are already planned but I have plenty rides in my pipeline :) Many Planet Coaster designs look similar in style. Thats because textures and models dont look that diffrent whereas in RCT3 it depends from creator to creator...

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It's heartwarming to see the RCT3 community, however dwindling, is still pushing the limits of the game with spectacular results. Your mix of CSO packs is so unlikely, yet you're somehow pulling this off :eek: