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    Music Recommendations

    Not been on the forums for aaages. So here's some favs from the last couple of years. Just Vulfpeck being their usual groovy selves I spotted some Laura Marling on Peat's chart on the last page. The whole album is gorgeous I jumped on board the Susanne Sundfør train when she was full on...
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    What is the most surprising airtime moment you’ve experienced in your enthusiast career?

    Yes! You just don't brace for airtime on an invert. Then it surprises you enough to make you lose sense of direction for a couple of seconds.
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    Untame My Heart | WALIBI HOLLAND and BOBBEJAANLAND | 7th-8th Sep 2019

    I'm coming! Booked a Eurostar out to Amsterdam, so just need to decide whether I can be arsed ticking up Bellewaerde on the Monday.
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    Your Least Common Opinions: General Edition

    Anybody getting this kind of vibe?
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    Beasts in the East | FANTASY ISLAND and PLEASUREWOOD HILLS | 8th-9th Jun

    I'm confirmed for this now. Can't believe it's taken 13 years to make it to Skegness.
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    Favorite Sandwich?

    BLT, easy choice. Perfect combo of textures and flavours.
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    The Coaster Force Poetry Corner

    For those who didn't see it, Ian's tribute to Logger's Leap from the Thorpe Park live
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    Last Cred Review

    Why is it that whenever I remember this thread, my last cred is always some kiddy cred? Anyway, the Go Gator at Loos Park... It might be the only Go Gator with a view of a UNESCO world heritage site (albeit mining slag heaps). Long ride cycle, forwards and backwards. As a Go Gator, 10/10. As a...
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    "Now Showing"

    As usual, here's a post of films that came out in the last few years and only got around to seeing last weekend. Get Out This absolutely lived up to its hype. A delightfully twisted story with intriguing characters. The set up is ridiculous, but works so well, especially with the amount of...
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    You have good taste in letters

    You have good taste in letters
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    Phantasialand Live 2019: CANCELLED

    Don't know how packed we're talking, but overly busy days at large parks don't tend to make for good CF lives, even if it is Phantasialand. I'm happy to wait for another opportunity.
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    Farup Sommerland | Saven | Vekoma Custom Family Boomerang

    Excellent! It looks like it should fit in nicely for the park. Despite being home to several large rollercoasters, the place has a very tranquil feel to it. Probably all the trees and lakes. There's something quite graceful about the way the layout bounces through the greenery.
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    Maximum Pleasure | BLACKPOOL PLEASURE BEACH | 11th May 2019

    Diana didn't die for this
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    Futuroscope | Objectif Mars | Intamin spinner

    I'm guessing (hoping) that makes sense in the context of what's going on in the room. But... yeah.
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    Rides that would be better without an element?

    The only thing that stops Taron being a perfect coaster is that trimmed airtime hill near the end of the ride. It's such a tiny moment but it takes me out of the zone a little bit.