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    What's next for RMC?

    It was more a continuous circle of coaster enthusiasts telling this to one another. Of course, CP converted Mantis into Rougarou; so maybe if we say something enough times, it actually comes true!
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    Missed another Lightning Rod ride opportunity: Lightning Rod - 3 Matt - 0

    Missed another Lightning Rod ride opportunity: Lightning Rod - 3 Matt - 0
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    Common theme park tropes that you aren't a fan of

    *Sits down on Universal ride* "Don't worry, this will be a fun casual cruise. It's my first time out!" "What's that over the radio, cry for help?" "We're on our way! Everyone's counting on you!" "Oh no! We need to escape!" "Grab that! We're going to need it to save the world!" "Wow that...
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    Major coasters you never knew existed?

    I'm sure there's two dozen more Chinese Intamin and GCI coasters out there that are amazing.
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    Rank the Superman coasters

    Well let's see: Superman Krypton Coaster - SFFT: Easily the best floorless specimen out there, and one of the coolest layout designs working with the quarry wall Superman - SFOG: My first B&M flying coaster, will always has a sweet spot Superman - RoS - SFA: It technically is a roller coaster...
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    Strongest theming on a mega/hyper, giga or strata coaster?

    It still has to be Top Thrill Dragster. Rumbling engine launch sound effect, Grandstands watching riders launch through the series, spoiler and back tire theme - it is as close to a perfect theme interpretation as you get.
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    Fall Y'all.

    Fall Y'all.
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    get in line.

    get in line.
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    Many returns.

    Many returns.
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    The Staff v. User counting game!

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    You know you're CF-ing it too much when...

    When Facebook goes down globally, reminding you of olden days when CF was the only social media platform you used.
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    S&S Axis Coaster for Europe in 2023?

    Hear me out: we make it a WWII themed coaster, named Axis and Allies.
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    Dollywood | Unknown | Unknown | 2023

    Maybe they actually mean it will take multiple generations of engineers to work all the kinks out to have it run properly?
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    Apple or Android?

    Well there was iTunes Ping, the failed iTunes musician social media platform, but we don't talk about that one. :P