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Rank Your Visited Six Flags Parks

Discussion in 'Polls' started by Antinos, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Jackson Marzani

    Jackson Marzani New Member

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    Fury 325
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    Cedar Point
    My Top 6:
    1 Magic Mountain
    2 Great Adventure
    3 Great America
    4 Over Georgia (Definitely Elite no dout)
    5 New England (Needs a third coaster for a great top 3)
    6 Fiesta Texas (my home park. Needs a wooden coaster and a hyper)
  2. Antinos

    Antinos Slut for Spinners Social Media Team

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    Steel Vengeance
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    Updated my list since I visited another back in August and the chain has expanded...sorta:

    1. Six Flags Magic Mountain
    2. Six Flags New England
    3. Six Flags over Georgia
    4. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
    5. Six Flags Great Adventure
    6. Six Flags Mexico
    7. Darien Lake - Visited twice in the past two years and I did not find the park bad by any stretch. The coasters could certainly benefit from extra trains, but the park was fairly clean, lush, and just has a laid back feel to it.
    8. Six Flags St. Louis
    9. Six Flags Great America
    10. La Ronde
    11. The Great Escape - It's a beautiful park, but aside from that and Comet, it's a waste. The ride lineup is horrendous and the park layout is confusing as hell. Basically, its scenery is the only thing keeping it from being last on the list.
    12. Six Flags America
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  3. Edward M

    Edward M Well-Known Member

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    Steel Vengeance
    Best Park:
    Tokyo Disneysea
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    1. Six Flags Fiesta Texas- Such a weird park I love it so much. The quarry setting is so unique and allows for some great coaster moments. The scenery setting really elevates the park, but it also has shockingly well thought out and themed areas. Loved practically all of the park.
    2. Six Flags Great Adventure- That lineup is fantastic and is arguably one of the best in the country. I even think that the picnic area is the nicest place in a Six Flags. However, it's a bit soulless as compared to Fiesta Texas; it lacks that park's kinda kitsch charm. If it gets that RMC it'll probably take back the crown.
    3. Six Flags Over Georgia- Really had a great time my most recent visit. I don't like how sprawling it is, but, with the addition of Twisted Cyclone, it now has one of the best lineups in their chain. And also Acrophobia which is my favorite non-ToT drop tower.
    4. Six Flags Over Texas- My last visit was in 2008, but I do remember it being a very nice park with some great scenery and shade.
    5. Six Flags New England- Tiny park, but it has two absolutely amazing coasters and a decent supporting lineup. It's nothing amazing, but it was a nice visit.
    6. Six Flags St. Louis- A nice, charming little park. I think it's one of the nicest looking Six Flags, but its lineup is really, really weak.
    7. Six Flags Magic Mountain- Amazing, amazing coaster collection, but I had an overall very negative visit. 7 major rides closed and waits reaching 4 hours! I imagine I'll actually enjoy it if I revisit on a less crowded day.
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  4. witchfinder

    witchfinder Well-Known Member

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    Islands of Adventure
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    Just the three for me, all visted last year...

    1. Over Georgia - excellent line-up of coasters (even more so now they have an RMC) with Goliath being the standout, plus some decent non-coaster attractions. The clientele seemed completely fine when I was there too and the staff were fairly pleasant. The landscaping is also pretty nice but I didn't eat there so can't comment on the food (I expect it's :emoji_poop: though)
    2. New England - two world class coasters in Wicked Cyclone and Superman, plus the Batman B&M floorless is decent. Other than that most of the creds are :emoji_poop: and there aren't many good flats or water rides. The food was garbage but the park layout was OK.
    3. The Great Escape - The Comet is great but everything else sucks coaster-wise. Water rides were pretty decent. Layout is confusing but it has more character than the other SF parks I've visited and the sorrounding area is nice.
  5. rideguy70

    rideguy70 Member

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    Intimidator 305
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    Cedar Point
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    The park began as a completely independently owned and run park simply called "Magic Mountain" for nearly a decade before Six Flags ever bought it.

    With the exception of Great Escape, I've been to every SF park in the states (so no Mexico or La Ronde yet, either). It's pretty subjective, because parks can have good days/bad days, good ops/bad ops. But overall:

    1) Great Adventure. Simply because it's a great balance of coasters, flat rides, architecture, animals, theming, and history. Literally something for everyone, and has great re-visit value.
    2) Magic Mountain. Even though it's my home park (aside from Universal), and the coaster line up is the best in the chain, and it (typically) has great operations (comparatively) and history. But it's significant lack of flat rides and only so-so theming pulls it down.
    3) Discovery Kingdom. Not necessarily super notable rides, but again a very good balance of thrills, flats, and animals. Always something to do.
    4) New England. Only got to visit this park for my first time this year, but really enjoyed it. Small, but friendly, nice atmosphere, and another good balance of theming and attractions.
    5) Great America. So much to do and see! But the crowds can get pretty unruly, and the park is almost too large for it's own good... getting around is worse than going around World Showcase lagoon at EPCOT.
    6) Over Texas. Fun park, first in the chain. Not perfect, but many redeeming qualities. Shockwave is a great surprise every time.
    7) Fiesta Texas. Unique location, some fun rides. That said, last time I visited this park was back in 2003, so my memory is a bit hazy and a lot has changed since then, so this went in a semi-random spot on my list. (Joker's Jinx was still around at the time, the backwards Arrow coaster.) Hoping to revisit this one again in a few years.
    8) Over Georgia. Actually, I did enjoy this park, and it has some lovely areas. Nothing really "wrong" with it, although it can also attract unruly crowds at time. But nothing really "for" it, either.
    9) St. Louis. I want to like this park, but it just feels disjointed, and the rides as a whole are not memorable (except the flat ride Excalibur, but it's basically as good as removed at this poiint, right?)
    10) America. Again, this visit was many, many years ago (well over a decade), but I remember it looking dirty, unmaintained, rude crowds, and generally not a good experience. I'd be willing to give it another chance one day, but I'm not in much of a hurry to return.
  6. sirloin

    sirloin Well-Known Member

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    Fury 325
    Best Park:
    Coaster Count:
    1 - Six Flags Over Texas
    2 - Six Flags Great Adventure
    3 - Six Flags Fiesta Texas
    4 - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
    5 - Six Flags St. Louis
    6 - Six Flags New England
    7 - Six Flags Magic Mountain
    8 - Six Flags Over Georgia
    9 - Six Flags Great America
    10 - Darien Lake (not Six Flags when I last visisted in 2013, but I'm counting it here anyway since it may as well have been)
    11 - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (it was still Six Flags when I last visited)
    12 - Six Flags America
    13 - Six Flags Astroworld
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  7. SilverArrow

    SilverArrow Well-Known Member

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    1. Six Flags Great Adventure (I feel like this is one of the best ones in the chain, maybe magic mountain beats it???)
    2. Six Flags New England (was cool but sfgadv has a larger line up and more other stuff to do like see animals etc)
    3. Six Flags America (no particularly standout rides, just felt like it lacked atmosphere compared to the others)

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