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Your year in review - 2021 edition


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Late reply, but this is a great thread! I liked reading everyone else's responses. Here's mine:

- Coaster count at start of 2021: 103

- Coaster count at end of 2021: 134

- New coasters ridden in 2021: 31

- New parks visited in 2021: 6 total - Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Kings Dominion, Kemah Boardwalk, Luna Park, Deno's Wonderwheel, and SeaWorld San Antonio (finally)

- Park visits (number of days) in 2021: I'm not totally sure, but I'm going to say 9 or 10?

- Best new-to-you coaster: Lots of really good ones, but it's going to have to be Intimidator 305

- Best new-to-you non-coaster: I guess Spook-A-Rama at Deno's Wonderwheel. Old dark rides tickle me pink.

- Favourite new-to-you park of 2021: Kings Dominion. Wish I had more time to spend at it.

- Best park visit: This one's tough, but I'm going to say it was great to visit Kennywood again when my wife and I were visiting my family this summer. My first visit to BGW was also really good and my group got to ride pretty much everything we wanted hassle-free, so that's a close second.

- Best seasonal event: The only one I really went to was SWSA's Christmas event, so I guess that wins by default. Technically I guess I was also at SFOT for the Halloween event, but my buddy and I left before they opened any of the haunted house stuff, and I'm usually not a fan of their events.

- Highlight of 2021: Going to BGW/KD back-to-back. I usually plan these trips with friends who aren't really enthusiasts, so I don't get to do stuff like that too often.

- Biggest surprise of 2021: I went on my first Zamperla Volare (Soarin' Eagle at Coney Island) and it WASN'T a total torture device like I've been lead to believe. Apparently it's one of the better ones. Still not great.

- Best individual coaster lap: The one and only lap I got on Boardwalk Bullet, on 4th of July. Most of the firework shows around the area were starting as soon as our train started going up the lift hill. It was like something out of a movie, I literally could not have gotten luckier with the timing. The ride was great, too.

- Best new for 2021 ride: Phoenix at Deno's is the only one I got on, so once again that wins by default.

- Proudest accomplishment as an enthusiast: Same as the highlight category, getting to those two Virginia parks was a big deal for me. I felt like I was really missing out by not having gone to either of those two parks yet.

- Best non-park travel moment: My wife is obsessed with tennis (particularly Novak Djokovic) so we went to New York City to see the US Open at Arthur Ashe stadium. I'm not really into tennis myself, but I still had a really great time, especially during the semi-final. Just being able to experience New York City for the first time was great as well - I honestly think the Metro system is a marvel of engineering.

- Most surprising coaster: Coney Island Cyclone. I was NOT expecting the insane amount and intensity of airtime on such an old roller coaster. Turned out to be way better than I was expecting.

- Funniest coaster/park/enthusiast moment: I was at the Coney Island parks by myself while my wife was out with some friends. Since I was a single rider, this random kid asked if he could sit next to me on my first ride on the Cyclone. I told him to go right ahead. Anyways, I had no clue the laterals were as crazy as they are, so I ended up crushing this poor kid despite my best efforts to cling to the side of the car. He mustn't have minded too much though, since as soon as it was over he hopped off and was like "I'M DOING THAT AGAIN!!!" What a guy.

- Most exciting announcement For 2022: Other than Pantheon/Iron Gwazi having opening dates, I guess it's gonna be the dive coaster at Fiesta Texas. I'm not all that crazy about dive coasters, but they've been growing on me lately and this one looks different. Also it's at the closest major park to me.


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- Coaster count at start of 2021: 228

- Coaster count at end of 2021: 246

- New coasters ridden in 2021:
General highlights:
  • VelociCoaster
  • Escape from Gringott's
  • HRR
  • Mako
  • Kraken
  • Journey to Atlantis
  • Cyclone (Lakeside Amusement Park)
  • Twister II (Elitch Gardens)
- New parks visited in 2021:
  • USF
  • SeaWorld Orlando
  • Elitch Gardens
  • Lakeside Amusement Park
  • Not one, but two Scene75 Entertainment Centers!
- Park visits (number of days) in 2021: More than 2020

- Best new-to-you coaster: VelociCoaster

- Best new-to-you non-coaster: Had this great edible in Denver

- Favourite new-to-you park of 2021: SeaWorld Orlando

- Best park visit: Islands of Adventure meetup!

- Best seasonal event: Kings Island Winterfest

- Highlight of 2021: Working some roller coasters into @Antinos' bachelor party

- Biggest surprise of 2021: Just the entire notion of Lakeside Amusement Park existing in 2021

- Best individual coaster lap: First run on VelociCoaster

- Best new for 2021 ride: VelociCoaster

- Proudest accomplishment as an enthusiast: Proudest? More like dorkiest: getting to complete the double US set of Arrow Shuttle Loops

- Best non-park travel moment: Getting back to Sequoia National Park

- Most surprising coaster: Cyclone at Lakeside Amusement Park. Riding an old Vettel is one thing, but getting to ride it with complete original spec - including complete lack of lapbars - is absolutely amazing.

- Funniest coaster/park/enthusiast moment: @tomahawk getting the ride op to yell "Oh Yeah" while dispatching the train from Sidewinder.

- Most exciting announcement For 2022: Whichever new RMC I can get on first. 😅


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- Coaster count at start of 2021: 210

- Coaster count at end of 2021: 241

- New coasters ridden in 2021: 31. Much better than the lone +1 from 2020!

- New parks visited in 2021: SeaWorld San Antonio, ZDTs, Six Flags America, Kings Dominion, Fun Spot Kissimmee, and Icon Park (if that one counts).

- Park visits (number of days) in 2021: In addition to the above, also made some visits to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Quassy Amusement, Lake Compounce, Six Flags New England, SeaWorld Orlando, Fun Spot Orlando, Islands of Adventure (x2), and Universal Studios Florida. 14 parks total!

- Best new-to-you coaster: VelociCoaster. Runner up is Twisted Timbers.

- Best new-to-you non-coaster: I got a few...
- Orlando Star Flyer at Icon Park. Did it a couple times... once after a couple drinks, and again on a windy night in 40-50 degree weather... honestly terrifying.
- Bourne Stuntacular at USF. That was incredible and everyone needs to go check it out.
- Infinity Falls. I actually almost forgot about this one, but this should probably take the cake as it's probably one of the most fun rides I've had all year. Rode with @Hyde and a few others, and it was a riot!

- Worst new-to-you coaster: Mine Blower. Oh my god it was so bad. It's the worst coaster in Florida for me, and it honestly might be my least favorite wooden coaster. I can't think of another wooden coaster I've done where I was just hating life the entire duration.

- Favourite new-to-you park of 2021: Tie between Kings Dominion and SeaWorld San Antonio. SeaWorld is the nicer park and doesn't have a slog of +1's, but the King's D has a couple of fantastic creds, and we got that walkback tour of Twisted Timbers with Buzzed Bars.

- Best park visit: Islands of Adventure. I'd done the park quite a few times already, but their new coasters have made the lineup top tier. I also really cherish all the other rides, and had some great company from the Velocistumble.

- Worst Park Visit of 2021: Six Flags America was pretty bad because not only was it so ****, but they closed early without any sort of announcement so we missed out on creds. But I actually had a worse time at Fun Spot Kissimmee. It was the same day as that incredible day at Islands of Adventure, but I was so exhausted. I entered that park kinda late so basically did a rush cred run on my own, all the rides were bad, and I was way too sober to enjoy any of it.

- Best seasonal event: I suppose SeaWorld Orlando. They had a nice little Christmas tree light show at their lake. It began as we were leaving, so it was decent distraction.

- Highlight of 2021: My older brother got married over the summer. Easily the highlight of the past few years.

- Biggest surprise of 2021: Hagrid's Magical Creatures being... magical. I knew what to expect in terms of special ride elements, but was unfamiliar with the overall layout so it was still somewhat a blind ride for me. One of if not the most pure fun coaster I've ever done.

- Best individual coaster lap: Backrow night ride on VelociCoaster. At this point I started to recognize some of the more subtle elements, whereas the first ride was almost overwhelming. Now put me in the back row in the dark? Loved it.

- Best new for 2021 ride: I think VelociCoaster is the only 2021 ride I did this year, so that.

- Proudest accomplishment as an enthusiast: More of an achievement rather than a proud accomplishment... but I completed the set of Vekoma Flying Dutchmans. I also visited a park with snow on the ground... ironically SeaWorld San Antonio in Texas. 🤣

- Best non-park travel moment: Weekend in Maine for my brother's wedding.

- Most surprising coaster: Hagrid's, as I mentioned before.

- Funniest coaster/park/enthusiast moment:
- @CoasterMOG rolling into Fun Spot America on the back of his pick-up truck, dressed as a Spartan warrior, with a pallet of Buzzed Bars branded beer!
- Tailgating at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and getting saucy.
- That Infinity Falls ride.
- We also had a couple of hilarious late night car rides during VelociStumble weekend, courtesy of some drunken passengers.
- @Hyde showing me the sex dungeons at Univeral Orlando! 🤣

- Most exciting announcement For 2022: Probably tie between ArieForce One and Iron Gwazi, as I could potentially ride those two next year.
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I couldn’t handle filling this in on my phone so as I’ve *finally* turned my laptop on today I thought I’d add to it.

2021 was pretty brilliant and I’m really grateful for the trips we got to do. Although most of them involved naff parks and questionable creds we all had such a good time it really didn’t matter – there were so many laugh till you cry moments so thanks to everyone who made those so special. I also like to think we also did our bit to help keep Premier Inn and their delightful ‘restaurants’ afloat.

- Coaster count at start of 2021: 405

- Coaster count at end of 2021: 437

- New coasters ridden in 2021: 32

- New parks visited in 2021: Like most people the majority were swept up at funfairs and piers across the UK, I did however manage to get to 2 new to me ‘proper’ parks.

- Park visits (number of days) in 2021: 14 I think. Sad times ☹

- Best new-to-you coaster: It’s a tie between FLY (front row) and Cú Chulainn, both fab but in very different ways. Shark Worm at New Brighton was the highlight for a while but luckily I managed to get on a couple of planes this year.

- Best new-to-you non-coaster: All of the fun kid’s rides at Fantasy Island. Absolutely definitely not Talocan *vomits* although I would definitely do it again.

- Favourite new-to-you park of 2021: Tayto – but needed more crisps.

- Best park visit: Phantasialand Wintertraum

- Best seasonal event:
Phantasialand Wintertraum – I love this so much but this year was the best visit yet. Everything was a walk on so there was loads of time to soak up the atmosphere, people watch with a mulled wine and loads of great food.

- Highlight of 2021: There are so many to choose from; night rides on Taron and Wintertraum in general, the many, many trains of shame where we all piled on – especially the runaway train across the road from Fantasy Island where the operator had to push the train around, or backwards laps on Miner Mike. Also honourable mention to witnessing @SilverArrow stoop her way on to Jellykins and being present as several goons hit milestones..

- Biggest surprise of 2021: Probably when Hex decided to break mid cycle and some theming fell on me. That was certainly unexpected!

- Best individual coaster lap: Taron, back row. Obvs.

- Best new for 2021 ride: Storm Chaser

- Proudest accomplishment as an enthusiast: Surviving Euro Coaster at WW… and running the Alton Towers half marathon.

- Best non-park travel moment: Spending a day wandering around the Christmas markets in Cologne – absolutely magical. Also the Leprechaun Museum in Dublin made the weekend extra fab.

- Most surprising coaster: Cú Chulainn, totally wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it is.

- Funniest coaster/park/enthusiast moment: Its a tough call between 'The spider incident 🕷️' and making @DelPiero nearly vom on the Waltzers at Southport (still not sorry).

Bonus section:

- Least enjoyable coaster moment Watching literal sparks fly from the wheels of Twin Spiral Dragon while the goons who needed the cred were off buying tokens. Mega spite (so glad I already have it!).


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- Coaster count at start of 2021:
- Coaster count at end of 2021:
- New coasters ridden in 2021:
22 - 18% of my total coasters were new to me in 2021!
- New parks visited in 2021:
3 (Dutch Wonderland, Dorney Park, Knoebels) - All during CoasterCon 2021
- Park visits (number of days) in 2021:
18 - About 1 in 20 of my days this year were spent at a park. Time well spent, assuredly.
- Best new-to-you coaster:
Phoenix at Knoebels - This thing is awesome. Never change, Knoebels.
- Best new-to-you non-coaster:
Looper at Knoebels - This thing is awesome. Never change, Knoebels.
- Favourite new-to-you park of 2021:
Knoebels - This place is awesome. Never change, Knoebels.
- Best park visit:
Tied between two days at CoasterCon. Either Day 3 of Hersheypark with laps upon laps on Skyrush (ERT or otherwise), or Day 1 at Knoebels, walking around and discovering the place for the first time.
- Highlight of 2021:
CoasterCon for sure. I met so many people that share the same passion as I do and got to immerse myself in coasters for a whole week!
- Biggest surprise of 2021:
Looper at Knoebels being awesome. Seriously, I have not said enough about it.
- Best individual coaster lap:
Skyrush in the front row at night with @Kw6sTheater. A seriously magical lap that felt like it perfectly capped off our days at Hershey.
- Proudest accomplishment as an enthusiast:
Hitting 100! Triple digits, baby!
- Most surprising coaster:
Talon at Dorney Park - I went into this with the mindset of "I'm at Dorney", so you can imagine how this top-tier B&M invert blew me away!
- Most exciting announcement For 2022:
Pantheon for sure. Iron Gwazi looks better, but having a brand new intamin Blitz only a couple hours' drive from me is almost too good to be true.


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- Coaster count at start of 2021:

- Coaster count at end of 2021:

- New coasters ridden in 2021:
4 (storm chaser, tidal wave + mad mouse at clarence pier, cliffhanger (blackgang)

- New parks visited in 2021:
2 - Robin hill, blackgang chine (visit blackgang when I was 5 so only newish)

- Park visits (number of days) in 2021:

- Best new-to-you coaster:
STorm chaser

- Best new-to-you non-coaster:
Creepy caves at chessy

- Favourite new-to-you park of 2021:
Blackgang chine

- Best park visit:
Thorpe park during GF

- Best seasonal event:

- Highlight of 2021:
The vaccination program

- Biggest surprise of 2021:
Creepy caves

- Best individual coaster lap:

- Best new for 2021 ride:

- Proudest accomplishment as an enthusiast:
Not getting covid

- Best non-park travel moment:
Seeing the MSC virtuosa from my hotel window

- Most surprising coaster:

- Funniest coaster/park/enthusiast moment:
Serena's quiz for GF

- Most exciting announcement For 2022:

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- Coaster count at start of 2021: 306

- Coaster count at end of 2021: 338

- New coasters ridden in 2021: 32

- New parks visited in 2021: 6

- Park visits (number of days) in 2021: 9

- Best new-to-you coaster: Jersey Devil Coaster

- Best new-to-you non-coaster: Easily Haunted Mansion at Knoebels 😍

- Favourite new-to-you park of 2021: Morey's Piers was a shockingly fun place to be. Expected it to be much less worth the effort to get there.

- Best park visit: Gotta be my day at Dollywood. My day at Morey's Piers is closer than you'd expect

- Best seasonal event: N/A

- Highlight of 2021: My Dollywood visit. I'd been before but never gave it the time I did this previous visit.

- Biggest surprise of 2021: Easily the Great Nor'Easter. I've always defended SLCs for having forceful layouts with a lot of variation for such a replicated clone. So, with a proper retrack and still having that amazing setting, it's one of my favorite inverts. Just slightly below Black Mamba, and it's closer than you'd expect.

- Best individual coaster lap: Lightning Rod. at night. in the front row. 30-something degrees. with the park lit up for the holidays.

- Best new for 2021 ride: Jersey Devil Coaster

- Proudest accomplishment as an enthusiast: Finally starting to hit the Jersey coastal parks.

- Most exciting announcement For 2022: Arieforce One, despite its baffling choice of name


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- Coaster count at start of 2021: 61

- Coaster count at end of 2021: 69

- New coasters ridden in 2021: Raptor, GateKeeper, Gemini, Rougarou, The Branson Coaster, American Eagle, Batman SFGAm, Superman SFGAm

- New parks visited in 2021: N/A

- Park visits (number of days) in 2021: 5 days, 3 parks (2x SDC, 2x SFGAm, 1x CP)

- Best new-to-you coaster: Raptor CP

- Best new-to-you non-coaster: N/A?

- Favourite new-to-you park of 2021: No new parks :(

- Best park visit: CP, October 2021

- Best seasonal event: See above

- Highlight of 2021: Multiple night rides at CP

- Biggest surprise of 2021: Actually managing to get to CP, despite the fact I went during the school year.

- Best individual coaster lap: Maverick Night RIde

- Best new for 2021 ride: N/A

- Proudest accomplishment as an enthusiast: Not sure, haha funny number credits I guess?

- Best non-park travel moment: Went to multiple National Parks this summer.

- Most surprising coaster: Gemini

- Funniest coaster/park/enthusiast moment: Seeing another enthusiast/park guest wear the same shirt I was wearing at CP

- Most exciting announcement For 2022: Not sure yet. I don't know what parks I'll be able to get to this year aside from SFSTL/GAm and Luna Park if the trip doesn't get cancelled.


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Coaster count at the beginning of 2021: 383

Coaster count at the end of 2021: 387

New coasters: FLY, Arthur, Hals-Über-Kopf, Volldampf

New Parks: 0

Park visits: 6 days, 4 parks

Best new coaster: FLY (more for the theming)

Best park visit: Europa-Park

Biggest surprise of 2021: After loathing VR for years - bad graphics, lagging response to head movements - I actually enjoyed the Yullbe VR system at Europa-Park, likely the headset hardware is now finally up to the task

Funniest coaster/park/enthusisast moment: Many positive comments to my Schwarzkopf t-shirt from staff at Europa-Park and Phantasialand

Most exciting announcement For 2022: Did not happen - no end with Covid :(


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Well, as years go, this one was a little... different. With overseas travel being even more of a ball-ache than it was in 2020, I basically elected to skip going to foreign theme parks and instead focus on - I believe the term is 'mopping up'? - of various UK parks and creds. Also used the opportunity to explore some of lil' ol' England's (and Wales') non-coaster based activities. Several trips to Snowdonia, the Peak District, some hill walking, bit of caving. Log cabins, tents in trees, hot tubs, all that kinda stuff. Even found a ghost town!
There was also a firework festival, a barbecue festival, a couple of gigs n stuff and in the end I did manage to squeeze in a cheeky, last minute cred run to Madrid with Dr Dave so all in all the year wasn't a complete write-off. Some stats, then:

Coaster count at start of 2021: 393

- Coaster count at end of 2021: 418

- New coasters ridden in 2021: 25

- New parks visited in 2021: 9 - Southport Pleasureland, New Brighton Funfair, Tir Prince, Knightley's, Greenwood Forest, Adventure Island, Parque Warner Madrid, Parque D'Attracciones.

- Park visits (number of days) in 2021: 10 park days, but 16 different parks

- Best new-to-you coaster: Stunt Fall, Parque Warner.

- Best new-to-you non-coaster: Cyclonator, Paulton's.

- Favourite new-to-you park of 2021: Slim pickings, but Parque Warner, I guess?

- Best park visit: In terms of rides, probably the uber-quiet day at Thorpe back in May. Ridiculous ride count, zero wait times, great staff, lovely weather. But in terms of shameful hilarity it would have to be the Coastal Cred Run o Shame. Could have been an official Live - it was that good. Kudos to @witchfinder for organising that. 👍

- Best seasonal event: Didn't go to a park based seasonal event, but away from that I'd have to say the BBQ Festival with @DelPiero .

- Highlight of 2021: Buying a Jaaag.

- Biggest surprise of 2021: Stunt Fall being amazing.

- Best individual coaster lap: I did rather enjoy having multiple rides on The Swarm without having to leave my seat.

- Best new for 2021 ride: Storm Chaser.

- Proudest accomplishment as an enthusiast: Reaching 400 creds, I guess? Not so proud of the coaster I did it on, but hey ho, you can't have everything. 🤷‍♂️

- Best non-park travel moment: Not something I can talk about here... but it involved Mrs Howie and the hot tub. 😉

- Most surprising coaster: Stunt Fall again. Make no mistake, this isn't a JABBo (Just Another Bombaclaat Boomerang), these giant inverted ones are serious pieces of kit.

- Funniest coaster/park/enthusiast moment: Pretty much all of the Cred Run O Shame.

- Most exciting announcement For 2022: Dunno about 'announcement', but the Busch duo of Iron Gwazi and Pantheon have gotta be up there as most exciting coasters for 2022, surely?


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- Coaster count at start of 2021: 156

- Coaster count at end of 2021: 425 (269) new creds

- New coasters ridden in 2021: A lot of them Highlights were Zadra, Hyperion, Velocicoaster, Wicked Cyclone, Fury, Twisted Timbers, and Hagrids

- New parks visited in 2021: 38 New Parks

- Park visits (number of days) in 2021: 45

- Best new-to-you coaster: Velocicoaster

- Best new-to-you non-coaster: First Huss Spinner at Morey's Piers

- Favourite new-to-you park of 2021: ENERGYLANDIA!!!


- Best seasonal event: Magic Mountain Xmas in the park

- Highlight of 2021: Proposing on Storm Chaser during Keys to the Kingdom

- Biggest surprise of 2021: Buzzed Bars Coaster Club and seeing it grow into an amazing group of people.

- Best individual coaster lap: Voyage Back Row Trim less at HWN

- Best new for 2021 ride: Velocicoaster

- Proudest accomplishment as an enthusiast: Showing up at the Buzzed Bars Velocistumble tailgate at Fun Spot with a pallet of Velocistumble event branded beer, dressed as Leonidas from 300 and blaring 300 over a rigged up P/A system out of the back of a pickup truck to kick off the event.

- Best non-park travel moment: Xmas in Prague

- Most surprising coaster: Lech at Legendia, knew nothing about it going in and wow.

- Funniest coaster/park/enthusiast moment: There are just too many to list from the Buzzed Bar events

- Most exciting announcement For 2022: First Full trip to Europe in the summer for an epic park run.


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Coaster Count at the start of 2021; 68

Coaster Count at the end of 2021; 70

New coasters ridden; Crazy 8 @ Fun Haven Ottawa, American Flyer @ Dominican Republic fair circuit

New flat rides ridden; 0 🤣

Funfairs visited; 2

Industry hits; Visited Proslide Technology HQ once again, plus their waterslide manufacturing plant 6 hours west

Best of Breaking and Entering; The then-under-construction Wonder Island in Punta Cana, documenting a knockoff looping coaster that we knew little about

Credit whoring moment of 2021; Biking across Ottawa from Parliament Hill to attain an SBF Spinner credit

Best employment of 2021; Worked as the main parking lot greeter at a Thanksgiving Festival

Community moment; Joining the then-relatively-new Airtime Thrills-sponsored Discord server in February at the behest of a few ambitious young enthusiasts, and helping grow/cultivate it into a smart, active, organized, and friendly 1800-member-strong community; I also helped pioneer a clockwork industry news chat on the server that covers pretty much everything across a multitude of sources, involving parks and coasters worldwide.

Best content created during 2021; My three best Wikipedia articles of the year, in no particular order, go to FLY (Phantasialand), Monster (Gröna Lund) and the rewritten-from-scratch Hangzhou Bay Sunac Tourism City

Potential 2022 plans; Yet to be confirmed, I've a definite Virginia trip in mind provided that crossing the US Border isn't a pain