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Wuxi Sunac Land | Soaring With Eagle | B&M Wing Coaster/Mack Blue Fire Clone

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B&M Wing looks amazing from the ground!







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Insert "Looks Slow" joke here

Really though, I'm kinda in love with this ride right now. Anyone who knows me on this site knows I love me some theming, especially rockwork. This POV had me so gagged. I was a bit frightened at first because it seemed to have that GateKeeper gradualness, but it really picked up once you got to the rockwork. Excited to hear what Gavin and/or HeartlineCoaster think of it since I won't be riding it anytime soon.


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Whilst I do think this looks quite good, I suspect it's the offride views on this that are going to be the real winner here.


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Looks very nice, about what I expected. I love Gatekeeper, it’s one of the few times where I think big swooping elements and inversions really work so if this rides anything similar then it should be good. Looks like there’ll be some decent positive g’s throughout the ride as well.

Of course the rock work and interactions are stunning, and it’s great that they’re toward the second half of the ride. Very interested to see what else they’ll put in.

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What's with the color on those connectors? Wouldn't that normally be blue? lol. It doesn't even look to be the same color as the supports. I guess it's cool though.

Anyway, the ride looks awesome, and that twisted air hill looks sick.

I don't know what you people mean by no near misses, seems like plenty of them in there to me. It's a wing coaster, this is a center mounted POV, did you remember that? Did you see the images of the construction workers holding up the clearance envelope?