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Would you skip creds to reach a milestone on a decent coaster?


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Yeah I would. Merely a personal preference here, but a fab milestone coaster (and of course the goony photo that goes with it) is way cooler than a larger cred count.
For example, my 200th coaster could've been the kiddy cred at Liseberg.... or Wildfire!
I mean, that's a no brainer, surely?
I don't know man. I know somebody who recently made Daddy Pig their 500th roller coaster and it's made me think that I've been going about this all wrong. Stuff of legends right there.

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Sort of? I did pick an obscure coaster for number 50 because I realised it lined up (was the only coaster at the place I was at) but realistically I never properly counted before that, and now going forward it would just be a case of "prioritising good stuff rather than worrying about what milestone they're at".


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I would, but haven't had the opportunity. Mine Blower was my 1000th purely by accident, since I had forgotten to count whatever coaster it was that I rode before it. I also wanted Raptor at Gardaland to be my 500th, but made the mistake of mentioning it prior to arriving at the park for the CF Live. Since the first cred of the day would be my 500th, Ian and Stone Cold (Richard) made sure that the group walked right past Raptor and on to Sequoia Adventure (aka Sequoia Magic Loop) so that my milestone would be the Screaming Squirrel instead of B&M's first wing coaster. :p
Definitely not. Half the time I don't even realize a milestone is happening, and half of my milestones are trash anyway because of a cred I discovered I had been on at the age of 3, a few hundred coasters into my enthusiasm!


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I almost did this recently but was told off and ended up getting a milestone that I'm happy with regardless.

Nah, don't do it. Not worth it.