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Worst 10 Theme/Amusement Parks: 2014 Edition

Darren B

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There's already an existing topic but it's a fair few pages back (more than the 8 I searched through), but as we've got the Top 10 going it's only right we have the worst.

I'll get the ball rolling;

1. Vidam Park, Hungary
2. Disneyland Paris, France
3. Magic Kingdom Orlando, USA
4. Kings Island, USA
5. Alton Towers, England
6. Oakwood, Wales
7. Schwaben Park, Germany
8. Coney Island, USA
9. Martins Fantasy Island, USA
10. Freizeitpark Plohn, Germany


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I've only visited one park that I didn't like, which is Slagharen.


1-10: Slagharen

What an absolute **** hole

Nemesis Inferno

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Fantasy Island and Mingoland have to be up there surely?

I can't really think of 10 overall parks that I truly despise apart from those two...


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I'm not going to bother with the tiny dumpy seaside parks as they can be forgiven for being gross and serve their purpose well. I can't be bothered to put them in order, but I'll list 10.

- Rye Playland
- California's Great America
- Six Flags America
- Oakwood
- FlamingoLand
- Chessington World of Adventures
- Siam Park City
- BonBon Land
- Fantasy Island
- M&D's

Mysterious Sue

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1. Rainbowmagic Land
2. Flamingo Land
3. Kings Domonion
4. Six Flags Firsta Texas
5. Parc Saint Paul
6. Happy Valley Shenzhen
7. BonBon Land
8. M&Ds
9. Coney Island (not really a park but still a dump)
10. Drayton Manor (it's not that bad but scraps in at 10)


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From "best" to worst:
10. Six Flags America
9. Drayton Manor
8. Happy Valley Shenzhen
7. Camelot
6. Oakwood
5. Flamingo Land
4. California's Great America
3. Sea World Gold Coast
2. Indiana Beach
1. Kings Dominion

I've tried to only include "major" parks, so there's a lot of crap seaside parks and other tiny places I'm not including. Still, I'm in no rush to get back to any of the parks I've listed!


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1 - camelot - with the exception of knightmare, and possibly whirlwind (at least for me) - nothing to recommend it - The wimpy had tyhe worst food ever, and the place had so much rubbish seemingly ground into the paths!

2 - Coney island for closing for the whole day due to a bit of rain

3 - dreamland

4 -oakwood - so much potential wasted by awful operations

5 - Six flags america - Ott security and a bit of a dump all in all

6 - clarence pier

7 -blackpool south pier

8 - Serengeti Park

9 -Flamingoland - so much potential wasted by awful operations (decent ride line up though)

10- Anywhere with a "no adults" policy, but enough family stuff for a few hours out.


Miss CoasterForce 2016
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1. Seaworld Orlando
2. Wicksteed
3. BonBon Land
4. M&D's
5. Drayton Manor
6. Bakken
7. Fun City (Brean)
8. Belantis
9. Parque De Attractions Madrid
10. Europa Park

...Oakwood and Flamingo Land are so bad I forgot about them!


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^ Europa Park?! You're gonna have to explain yourself! :--D (Unless it's the one in Spain)

BonBon-Land - Has faded in quility over the years since the new ownership.

Serengeti Park - Granted, I didn't do any of the safari but the amusement park itself was really tiring.

Schwaben Park - Poor maintenance on both rides and animals...

Thorpe Park - A good coaster collection clearly doesn't make a park good on it's own.


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TheCoasterCruiser said:
^ Europa Park?! You're gonna have to explain yourself! :--D (Unless it's the one in Spain)
No, not the one in Spain. I found the layout of Europa really claustrophobic, with every area crammed in next to another, there was no breathing space between the different 'countries' and their rides. I don't like the fact that you can see Russia from England etc, it leaves no opportunity to feel immersed.

It basically didn't feel like a theme park to me. No elements struck me as particularly imaginative. No magic whatsoever.

I also think the majority of Europa's coaster selection is dire. I mean, come one, TWO water coasters?! It's a great example of quantity over quality. Even the woodie (despite having an amazingly themed queue line) was meh.

I'd like to revisit the park on a non-busy day just to see the difference that makes. But overall, it's not my kind of park.


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^ Very valid points there, it's nice to see someone have a different view on an otherwise highly praised park.

Reason for two water coasters though, is of course that Europa Park also works as a showcase for Mack.


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Social Media Team
Not really in order...

Six Flags America
California Great America
Kings Dominion
World Joyland (apart from the fab Flyer)
Disneyland Paris
Happy Valley Shenzhen
Sea World Orlando
Only a few stand out as being that bad to mention here.
They will go from bad to not having hardly anything at all.

Six Flags America
Wild Adventures
Beech Bend
Mt. Olympus
Indiana Beach
Kemah Boardwalk
Dixie Landin'
Timber Falls
Old Town


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Taking random fairground like dumps and parks that I can't really recall much about out of the equation I realized that there are only 5 parks that I dislike to such level that I could call them 'worst'. So here is my list (from worst to 'best')

1.Disneyland Paris (both parks as one): Tourist trap, massively overpriced and overcrowded. It has been quite a few years since my last visit, but I can recall it being the worst park visit ever...

2.Duinrell: Weird camp-ground with rides in it. Doesn't have a real soul to it and has some of the weirdest and most obnoxious park guests.

3.Tivoli Friheden: Overpriced. Was in and out of the park in a bit more than half an hour (which was kind of good, considering the circumstances of having only 2 hours of free time in Aarhus)

4.Universal Studios Hollywood: Another massively overpriced park. Apart from the Studios Tour, the park is bland and seriously lacks on quality attractions.

5.Thorpe Park: Not as bad as the others listed (I was considering whether I should include it on the list or not), but the slow and bad operations (one train operations on almost all of the coasters) took the fun away from visiting the park in total off-season (I didn't expect a weekday in March to have queues anything longer than 10 minutes)


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The only ones I can think of off the top of my head are:

La Ronde
Prater Park (simply for the prices, other than that it was fabulous)
Sea World San Diego </3