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World Cup Topic 2018

Chris Brown

Mr CoasterForce 2016
I think that the midfielders need to make it known if they are struggling to move the ball forward and get help from the AM's or the manager should change the system. Henderson did a decent job at breaking up play but neither him nor Lingard really did anything with the ball. Hence why Kane was dropping into midfield. He needs to stay up top and the Manager needs to take the flak for not changing it when we totally lost the midfield.
Edit - Alli's job for Spurs is to support Kane and make runs/through balls in the final 3rd, but he didn't get enough of the ball either. If Southgate had put him in as a midfield creator in the center of the park then more fool him, he's not that kind of player.
Tbf they were a playing against a collection of the best midfielders in the world. Also agree with Alli being a second striker kinda player with Eriksen doing more of the midfield work for spurs, Sterling is playing that second striker role under Southgate though and Alli and Lingard are the two attacking / creative midfielders. Alli looks a bit lost in that position but Southgate persisted with him. I think Kane drops into midfield because he’s very unfit and doesn’t want to be chasing long balls, comes a bit deeper to be a hold up striker which he does very well, held on to the ball and drew fouls so well in the past games. It’s a shame England don’t have an out and out number 10 like a Silva or an Eriksen type player, think the closest we have is Wilshere, Lallana and potential Shelvey if played a bit further up the pitch.


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I fell asleep in front of the game yesterday, but watching the closing ceremony now as I have nothing useful to do this afternoon.

Don't see it happening, but I'd love to see a Croatia win.