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Winter Efteling


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Wasn't gonna bother with a trip report as we didn't take THAT many photos and most people know what to expect from the park but in the end I wanted somewhere to jot my thoughts down.

Pretty easy to get to, so much so that I'm surprised I hadn't done it sooner. Fly into Schipol, take the train to Den Bosch, get the bus directly to Efteling. Takes about 2 hours from Schipol because the busses aren't as frequent but it's easy enough and no different than getting to Phantasialand or Europa from the airport.

Initial thoughts were that 40 euros per ticket for an 11-6 opening was a bit much with no offers for return visits etc...Was impressed we could enter with our suitcases without even being searched and check them into the lockers for 1.50 each.

We figured to get the coaster corner completed first so first ride of the day was Jorek (Fire). Literally had no idea what to expect as with work being stupidly busy with yet more needless Brexit planning I hadn't had time to do the usual pre-trip POV checks etc. Was quite nice actually going into a park relatively blind. Thoroughly enjoyed our first go on this - although it was early in the day it was still hauling through, it was everything Wickerman should have been and reminded me slightly of Wodan.


Python next. New restraints are much better but don't half pull on your hair. Very smooth ride, forceful loops. Not arsed about re-riding.

Hollander - Again no idea what to expect. The indoor bits were good but felt it needed a bit more to it. It's just dark, water, dark, water, drop, bang, lift hill. The outside bit is decent though.

Baron next up. To this day I'm still intimidated by dive machines and this was no different. Something about the drop and especially the hang gets me. Loved the pre-show and queueline theming. Thought it was a very good ride too. Definitely the most photogenic ride in coaster corner.


One of the features of it being "Winter Efteling" was a few of these firepits being dotted around, which were hugely appreciated with temperatures not too much above freezing.



As well as these, they added stalls selling hot chocolate, waffles, mulled wine, and the best deal of hotdogs and an Efteling branded LED light up scarf for 6 euros.

We got Vogel Rok done - I don't like coasters in the dark and this was no exception. Decent enough but only the one ride.

As well as the firepits, the other stuff they had in place for Winter Efteling was the giant marquee which contained a free toboggan slide, an ice skating rink and a few food options.


As well as also having an skiing track towards the top end of the park.



Definitely the most photogenic coaster there.

We picked off a few of the smaller rides, the train etc..., none of which stand out as being particularly memorable. We hung around for the Ravelijn show which was very impressive in terms of production, although the flaming horse routine was a bit odd.


After that, we had half hour before the rides stopped, and decided to go get the blue (Water) side of Joris done. What a decision! It was ****ing flying through the track and I preferred this side for having a slight bit more airtime. And because the park was emptying out, we were able to just change seats and stay on the ride for a few turns. Front row, back row, both massively different experiences but each time we came off wondering just how the **** the trains stayed on the track through the second half of the ride.


We then gathered to watch the fountain show, which was alright, but nothing to write home about. Definitely not a patch on the one at Tivoli.


After a few hours we actually wondered if we'd need a second day here, but decided not to rush our way around the park and take our time, which was a sensible decision. On the Thursday the majority of the food places were closed, including the amazing pancake place, but they opened on the Friday so we were able to try them. Top shout.

We spent an hour or so going around the fairytale forest but I've never really been one for fairytales - Katie enjoyed it though. We mopped up the rest of the rides we missed like the Carousel, in fact I think the only thing we didn't ride that was open was the rapids. Just remembered I didn't cover Symbolica - we got a go on all three colours. Impressive ride, not worth queuing for though.

Overall - It's a good park, if you like fairytales then you could spend a good few hours in the forest there. I wasn't a major fan of the layout of the park, with the coasters all clustered into one area and there being long walks between areas (particular with parts closed off). I also thought it was a bit poor to have the majority of food outlets closed on the Thursday. It doesn't hold up to Europa or even Phantasialand for me, but it does have a great variety of rides that makes it a brilliant family park.