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Why did Noah's Ark close in Blackpool


It's something that I wondered for years. The ship still moves, presumably it couldn't have huge operational costs. I just remember it been a really cool walk through ride and never actually found out why they closed it.


Where was Noah's Ark in Blackpool Pleasure Beach exactly? What ride(s) was it near? Do we know what replaced it?
It's still there - on top of the entrance block. The theming used to go all the way down but now it's basically the roof.


It wasn't that popular, (until it shut!), the inside (allegedly) was in need of much repair, and towards the end, it became a popular place for naughty pot smokers to indulge.
It also had issues of accessibility, one person of limited mobility could cause a fifty person conga chain.
I know, because my ex client started one!