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Who are some of your favourite Planet Coaster content creators?

Matt N

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Hi guys. There are all kinds of different Planet Coaster content creators on the web, each with their own unique way of creating things. So I’d be intrigued to know; who are some of your favourite Planet Coaster content creators? You can pick anyone, from anywhere on the internet, who produces Planet Coaster content; let’s spread the love for some fellow Planet Coaster creators!

I know these probably seem like obvious choices, but two of my favourites are Theme Park Worldwide (Shawn’s created some amazing parks and rides with an insane degree of detail that I wish I was able to hit in my projects…) and Silvarret (Silvarret doesn’t focus on parks as much, but the detailing and realism of some of his rides is absolutely insane, and his Planet Coaster College series was an absolute godsend to me when trying to learn how to build certain ride types in the game!).

But who are some of your favourite Planet Coaster content creators?

James F

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I would also go with Silvarret as my favourite, I have followed him since the RCT3 days and I have always been amazed by his builds, not only the by the detailing, but also the extensive research of cultural architecture he does, every time I watch his videos I learn something new about why they build buildings like that halfway round the world.

Geekism does a lot of great stuff, with a strong emphasis on realism, most of his builds are mid to small budget which is what I aim for.

I have mentioned him before but Coaster Cool Gaming does some really detailed work and has built some beautiful parks.


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Not sure what types of videos you are looking for exactly, but these would be my go too's
Nerdchacho is the king of realism, you spend most of his vids thinking 'How?... Just how? He creates straight up 5* builds with amazing attention to detail.
Silvarret for insane creativity, definitely one of the best technical creators. Koali Beach still holds up against parks to this day.
Geekism Create some great budget orientated builds
Ive also been watching Theme Park Wirral recently and he uses a great method for coasters, makes probably the smoothest Povs
There really are so many great creators though


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Silvarret is definitely my favourite content creator, no matter the game he will always create something spectacular.

Masked bandit Also has some really good stuff, you just have to be patient as some of his projects can take a long time to get finished.

in terms of a series though, Planet Brocoaster is the obvious winner. the park end up being incredibly realistic and the episodes are so funny and easy to binge.
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