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Which of these coasters the worst?

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Out of these coasters which was the worst and why? Which was the most painful roughest and shakiest and why? What’s your experience on any of these coasters I listed?

Predator Darien lake
Son of beast kings island
The beast kings island
Vortex kings island
Drachen fire Busch gardens
Gwazi Busch gardens
Texas giant
Original rattler
Judge Roy scream
Windjammers knotts berry farms
Mean streak
Mantis cedar point
Williams grove cyclone
Lincoln park comet
Wildcat idora park
Jack rabbit idora park
Conneaut blue streak
Viper great adventure
Great American scream machine great adventure
Rolling thunder great adventure
Grizzly kings dominion
Vortex Carowinds
Vortex California’s great America
Iron wolf
Flashback magic mountain
Psyclone magic mountain
Deja vu magic mountain
Corkscrew cedar point
Hurler kings dominion
Hurler Carowinds
Shockwave kings dominion
King cobra kings island
Kong discovery kingdom
Mind eraser Darien lake
Roar six flags America
Mind eraser six flags America
Shockwave six flags great America
Ultra twister
Texas cyclone
Batman the escape astroworld
Raging wolf bobs geauga lake
Villain geauga lake
American eagle six flags great America
Original Georgia cyclone
Great American scream machine six flags over Georgia
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