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Which coaster has the best looking cars/trains?


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Something I was wondering was which coaster in the world has the best looking cars/trains? I'm basing this question on general appearance, relevance to theme and effects such as lighting. Personally for me I think I would go for the trains on The Swarm or Manta. their mechanical and functional design fits so well with their theme and the additional theming on the trains, The Swarms alien drones and Mantas Rays on the cars just works so well. Which coaster do you think has the best cars/trains?


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Just about anything that Intamin has been putting out in the last few years: VelociCoaster, Kondaa, Taiga, Light of Revenge. Take your pick. I'm not sure I can choose.

EDIT: I have suffered a gross oversight. Abyssus is my final answer.
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For wooden rides, I'd say Oscar's wacky taxi, though it could go to Timberliners in general. They're inherently very sleek looking and their theming always looks awesome (except for maybe T2Z, the theming is on a slipper-y slope :p).

Best steel coaster would have to be Velocicoaster, B&M Hypers & New-gen Vekoma sitdowns.


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Furius Baco for me- such odd but cool trains, literally winged trains with themed wine barrels. TF?
I do believe that most B&Ms have pretty trains, just in general, and the design.


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RCDB random rollercoaster just gave me the answer 😆

But I would say Tron for me, I think they nailed the look, such a great design and I love how the train lights up, it looks amazing at night.