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What other hobbies do you have?


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Cool, i'm actually finishing my studyies to work in this industry.
my main field is sound, both as a sound mixer and sound engineer

hopfully i'll be able to find a job in this field in the near future
I'm just waiting for the industry to get back up and running


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Long distance running was for a long time my main hobby as I used to do it competitively. Just recently trying to get back into it after years of smoking and eating crap.

Filmmaking and photography are also two of my main hobbies; the latter I studied but have since been a bit inactive with it, so going to try and get the camera out more (especially when parks are open!) to sharpen up.

Boxing is another, but (as above) the crap lifestyle has been limiting. Think this whole lockdown situation has spurred me into action... either that or I'm having a very premature midlife crisis.


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Flying, but can that count anymore since it is also my job?

Travel, Halloween/haunted houses, wine tasting, craft beer tasting, and lately been getting into trying to grow herbs (not the smoking kind) because there is nothing better to do while I am off work 😂 I am trying to get back into running as well but the heat wave the last 4 days has thrown me off a bit.