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What if Star Wars Land fails?


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I think because they were really going for a super realistic star wars world for this land, a roller coaster wouldn't suit because at the end of the day it would just look like a roller coaster. On the other hand the two rides they have chosen do fit in very seamlessly.

I guess Universal don't mind "suspending disbelief" and doing big outdoor coasters, like Flying Dinosaur and the new Hagrid one, but Disney tends not to, and if they do it's well integrated (Eg like Expedition Everest)


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Social Media Team
I honestly don’t get the surprise? Disney we’re actively campaigning for people NOT to go, and then people don’t go and everyone’s like omg it’s a failure!

There was a 3% drop in visitors - ok that sounds bad, but there was a 10% increase in spend per head (read the article a few days so may be a tad out but point remains) - so they’re still making more money.

Disney are smart, they know what they’re doing and they’ve been through more than their share of troubled openings - I don’t think this is one, it’s just a more long term plan than ploughing everyone they can into the area on day one.

Universal do nothing, Hagrid gets long queues, everyone moans. Disney do everything, Smugglers gets no queues, everyone moans.