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Walt Disney Studios Park | Avengers Assemble: Flight Force | R'n'RC retheme | 2022


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Ok, thanks ! I didn't know. I think that here (in France), they not considered as influencial. Plus, I never heard an Aerosmith cover band, or even someone playing an Aerosmith record or tune during a party, and you don't hear them as much in films and comercials anymore. But worldwide, it might be a different story.


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I hadn't heard this but I'm not surprised, it looks awful and has done for years. I knew the way the building was constructed was different to Cali etc due to French laws and thought that was the reason behind it, weird the construction crew used different materials than they were asked to.

I can’t take credit for that information, got it from here :

Quite an interesting story, the construction company went bust after being ordered to re-do the work.

Begs the question why were Disney using such an incompetent construction company in the first place.


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Well they'd have put the work out to tender and this company wouldn't provided the best quality for the cost. Just not longevity of the product it seems.


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It's almost strange that they're allowed to sue for this now, almost a decade later. One would think they'd have discovered problems with the rendering sooner than that (okay, it didn't endure the climate, but it's not like everything looks ship shape until one day it crumbles completely), and the warranty of a building is typically only five years. Then again, it might be that the legal struggles have been going on for some years before anything was settled.


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It's good to hear that something is actually happening, but I really hope that they will announce more about the future of the resort soon.
I think they need to do much more than just polishing up Rock 'n' Roller Coaster - and way sooner than 2024, which apparently is when a "major attraction" is coming.
They finally own the park and I realise that a 10-year plan isn't done overnight, but wait it is:

Marvel Rockin 'n' Roller Coaster Retheme - Walt Disney Studios Park
Little Mermaid’s Undersea Adventure - Disneyland Park
E-Ticket Spiderman Ride and a completed Marvel-Land - Walt Disney Studios Park
Star Wars Land - Walt Disney Studios Park

Dream on.


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and theres more....


This morning, Disney Chairman and CEO Robert A. Iger announced plans for a two billion euro, multi-year expansion for Disneyland Paris alongside French President Emmanuel Macron at the Palais de l’Elysée in Paris.

Not much detail mind.



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I'm absolutely thrilled by this news, felt like it came out of nowhere. I loved that they teased us with the New York hotel Marvel re-theme. Then a new lake show in the Village and then just went, oh yeah, here's 2 BILLION euros for some things.

Love that Armageddon, tram tour and Motors action are finally being spited. Sounds like Stitch Live! and Disney Junior live will be spited too as well as most of Hollywood Boulevard (Towers theming).

Very excited to see what are planned for all the Marvel bits, hoping there's some unique Paris attractions in there and it's not all clones of other things (although it looks like the massive HK Avengers ride is going in the back there).

Star Wars Galaxy Edge only looks like one of the two attractions which is interesting, maybe leaving space for future additions?

Frozen area should go down well, quite interested to see what they have planned.

The lake! Hopefully the show they hinted at isn't boring World of Color.


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Great that the long awaited big investment plan has finally come.

Not gonna lie though, I think the concept image looks ****. I get that it has probably only been put out to give us a rough idea, but there are so many things wrong with WDS that the concept art doesn't fix. The Studio 1 building that competes with TOT for attention needs to be bulldozed completely. Open it out, create a better Main Street-esque area. The inconsistent theming throughout the production courtyard and toon studio also needs sorting.

The layout of the park in the new image looks awful. It's basically the existing park as it is and then a long bland passageway leading to the new areas at the back. I've seen fan concepts that look better. Really hope it's not an accurate idea of what it will be like.

On the positive side, I'm very pleased that they chose to put Star Wars in the Studios over Discoveryland. On that note, I wonder how much money will go towards improvements for Disneyland Park?

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Man, that is a really long stretch of walkway until the lake. Looks like a boring stretch as well.

Overall though, looks quite good! I hope that they give DL Paris some renovations/new attractions since it's last new major attraction was, what, Space Mountain 1995? I guess Buzz Lightyear in mid-00s, but that's a fairly cheap ride and not an E-Ticket. Either way, glad to see that this studio park is also going to be getting rid of that dumb "studio theme park" idea, even if it does keep the name. Lastly, I think that they need to tear out the roof of the main street and create a Buena Vista Street atmosphere like at DCA. Cause, from the photos I've seen, it looks truly gash.


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This is exactly why TWDC buy out was huge news, it was the only way an announcement like this would ever happen.

Paris second gate has needed this since it opened, an investment that is higher than the cost of the initial park, just like California Adventure’s redevelopment.
This is even bigger than that, with €2.45 Billion injected! A great choice of IP’s too - Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Frozen Land, Marvel Land, these will be hugely popular.

For a resort which has been such a financial failure, the future is finally looking very bright for Disneyland Paris.


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That does seem an unusually long walk from one set of attractions to the other, but I guess they'll still need somewhere to display the ever-popular Dinotopia props.


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Thought may as well add to this instead of creating a new post:
Euro Disney reveal that it is planning a major overhaul of its sprawling shopping and dining complex as part of a $2.4 billion investment by its owner, the media giant Walt Disney.

From Forbes: Last month Disney’s chief executive Bob Iger announced a $2.4 billion (€2 billion) expansion of the movie-themed Studios park which will see the addition of lands inspired by Star Wars, Marvel Comics and hit animated film Frozen. It is one of Euro Disney’s biggest-ever expansion projects and will be launched in phases from 2021.

It doesn’t stop there as Disney has now revealed that it is also giving a sprinkle of pixie dust to its 44,000m2 Disney Village, the largest entertainment center in greater Paris.

“We have renewed a number of attractions in the parks so the next step will be to renew the Disney Village,” says Francis Borezée, Euro Disney’s vice president of resort and real estate development. The huge complex next to the parks was designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry and has an industrial style which was popular when it opened in the 1990s. It is packed with shops, restaurants and even a rodeo. It could get even bigger.

“We will start with the renovation but then we have an opportunity to expand where today we have tents which are used for business events,” says Borezée. “If we do that we could develop a new convention center.”

Given that the rodeo has been there since day one it is hard to imagine it staying in a renovation so one suggestion would be to switch it for a show based on a renowned Disney brand.

Disney is still deciding on the style of the Disney Village renovation according to Robert Earl, the owner of celebrity restaurant chain Planet Hollywood which has an outlet there. “There is a plan to renovate the restaurant in Paris but Disney are evaluating what they are doing first,” says Earl. “We are discussing with them about Planet Hollywood there but corporate in California haven’t yet decided.”

Disney took full ownership of its Parisian outpost in June last year and it has given a glow to its finances. Last month Disney announced that operating income at its parks and resorts rose 21% to $1.3 billion in the quarter to 31 December due to growth at its domestic operations and in Paris.

Disney’s chief financial officer Christine McCarthy said that it “continued to benefit from the resort’s 25th Anniversary celebration, which drove higher attendance, guest spending, and hotel occupancy. The resort set a new Q1 record in revenue and has now been profitable for the last three quarters.” It could have a knock-on effect.

Borezée says that the expansion of the Studios park could trigger the development of more hotels to add to the seven which are on-site.

“There are locations which are already dedicated for future hotels but there is no decision to go ahead with them until we have the need.” Euro Disney’s latest results show that occupancy in the six months to 31 March 2017 hit 81% so that may not be far off.


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Super glad they're sorting out the Disney Village, looks bloody terrible. Hoping for a Disney Springs style but I'm not holding my breath, I'd guess they want to create something original and more... French?


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Super glad they're sorting out the Disney Village, looks bloody terrible. Hoping for a Disney Springs style but I'm not holding my breath, I'd guess they want to create something original and more... French?
It's being French that's got them in this mess in the first place.


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It's being French that's got them in this mess in the first place.
Pretty sure the European debt crisis, collapse in the French property market, low attendance and too many hotels upon opening etc. are to blame?


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And maybe the fact that the park is tacky as ****, that Disney is ugly by nature and people in france don't have that much the theme park/immersion in big franchises culture.
I'm wondering, does the park fail to attract locals as much as foreign tourists ?