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Walt Disney Studios Park | Avengers Assemble: Flight Force | R'n'RC retheme | 2022


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It's disappointing that they didn't use the AC/DC soundtrack (just about the best part of the films IMO) - riding round with Shoot to Thrill blaring would have been pretty cool.
Aside from that it's more or less as expected. RnRC was a pretty low bar to beat in terms of themimg.


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The Paris RnRC was often misunderstood. It was never supposed to be highly "themed", just a cool experience blasting rock music on a roller coaster with a mad lightshow.

It worked so well. They took an average coaster layout and made it exciting. The pre-launch sequence was the most suspenseful of any coaster in the world.

Flight Force has more of a "theme" on paper, but now the the cool experience is lost. It's not even close to how visually stimulating RnRC was to ride and watch.
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I'm not going to watch a POV before I go but reading that it's just a few disappointing screens is a rather big trend at imagineering these days. Tron suffers with the same issue, just not enough going on inside. I'm glad of two things I've seen so far, they added a single rider queue and they kept the trains. The new vests on Space absolutely ruin my shoulders, somehow more than the old ones, so I'm happy they've not changed.


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OMG how long did it take them to change RnRC to this? How many million euros did it take them? Based on the POV this is very underwhelming. They pimped the outside to next level, but I guess that is where the total budget went than!?

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Update on the other lands:

Star Wars has been binned.


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^ Isn’t the rumour that they’re going for Pandora instead due to the 4 avatar films due to come out over the coming years?


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Seen an interesting rumour floating around that even Josh D'Amaro wasn't impressed with the actual ride portion of the retheme and that they are considering a "plussing" shutdown early next year. Not sure if there's much grounds to it, however everyone I know who rode it agrees with how I felt, the queue is amazing, the ride is just missing... anything. It feels so sparse and is a right letdown compared to the rest of the campus


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Update on the other lands:

Star Wars has been binned.
Instead we'll have the worlds first "Turning red" experience! Themed to a generic suburb with an 'authentic' budget, and is only accessible with proof of a disney+ membership.