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Walt Disney Studios Park | Avengers Assemble: Flight Force | R'n'RC retheme | 2022

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Is it just me or is Disney gettin' LAZY cuz they can be banking on Marvel, so everything is becoming Six Flags theming level... first we get that boring Spider Man shooting ride that Battle for Metropolis looks waaaaay better, and along is that "modern" but BORING modern futuristic "theming" for Avengers Campus that looks like a college campus lite, or upgraded strip mall I declare!
Then we see this cringy Captain Marvel theming with a poster that smells of daycare center walls 😂and a showroom that looks cool, cool is what it is I will honestly admit... but it does NOT belong at a Disney park therefore it makes it uncool! Better fit for some downtown's new fancy auditorium, for some third rate Austin startups HQ, or for a gosh dang parking garage like other fellas have said! I am enraged internally that Disney is going cheap, everyone knows Disney Studios is historically been cheapest and tackiest park but this is just another era of boring! Well, at least they are dumping all that ****e in Disney Studios instead of the castle park, better for them to not have invested in a new major attraction in 30 years since Phantom Manor than to spoil that park with this crap!!!


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^Wouldn't surprise me TBH.

The world is becoming increasingly digital and parks are going to be thinking about what will be popular on social media rather than what works best in-park.


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I think this is the better move since (and I'm assuming this) most kids don't really know who Areosmith is.

As long as they don't retheme it to DC characters, I'm down with this.

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Dont you mean Marvel chacters?


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Is this whole project just hilarious or is it just me? We wait 20 years for WDS to expand and this is what they decide to build...

I mean, at least there's a F&B outlet which looks like a bit of fun, although it's Disneyland Paris so it'll shut at 2pm or something I'm sure.


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Well, most of us predicted this, didn't we...

Sad, though. Really, really sad. If only the Avengers could assemble a group of higher management that had some integrity, then we couldn't be left with... whatever this is 😢


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Tbh, I think its neither better nor worse. Its more ore less the same but with screens instead of cardboards. The ride as it stands now is fine imo. I have to agree that the former theme was more creative but other than that its more or less the same. That being said, I've never ridden Rock 'n Rollercoaster and I have no personal feelings attached to it. But I can see if someone's sad that its gone.


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For me it's just the poor execution. The silence before the launch sequence (I've seen multiple POVs that all have it, hopefully it'll get sorted), the lazy use of screens, the barren grey walls, and the audio are all just lacking for me. I think what made RnRC so entertaining was that the music was catchy, fun to listen to, and added to the experience. I can hear some music on these new POVs, and although I'm sure it resonates differently in person, it just lacks... oomph? And knowing that all the attractions in these Avengers Campuses have been designed to be easily re-themed down the road ruins it even further.

Tbh, I think its neither better nor worse. Its more ore less the same but with screens instead of cardboard
You do raise a valid point tbf. I guess at least its predecessor had moving spotlights, better audio, and just a bit more kinetic energy?


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So they have literally just shoved a few screens in.

Looks like all the budget went on the animatronic Ironman in the queue line.

This could have been given a Tron Lightcycle Power Run lighting package in an Ironman style.
But you know that actually requires some thought and budget.

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Am I imagining things, or does this have a lot less scenery than RnRC did? This could just be the POV, but it seemed like there was far more blank space in there than Paris’ version of RnRC ever looked to have based off of POVs.

I’m not too sure on it at the moment, but I accept that it’s probably better in person.
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I think it looks MUCH better than RNRC. Especially the building exterior, queue and preshow (the preshow for RNRC has to be the worst preshow ever). In terms of the ride experience I’m definitely underwhelmed, but the bar was so low. Other than lights and rigging, there was nothing in RNRC. It looks like a few more screens would’ve been good as it does look a bit sparse. But then again it is a fairly compact layout so I don’t know how tricky it would’ve been to crowbar them in. I’m going next month so I’ll save my final judgement until then. But I think RNRC coaster set the bar so low I can’t imagine I’ll think this is worse.