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Walibi Holland | Untamed | RMC Robin Hood Conversion


Matt SR
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Such a gorgeous layout, with some great element variety it looks like on the return journey! Is anyone else also excited for that low-to-the-ground barrel roll at the tail end?


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Could be worse @Thekingin64 , in the Netherlands on the second weekend of July and i am near enough driving straight past the park for argument sake ( a28 ), however i doubt i get away with stopping with car load of non enthusiast on board.

So close but so far away at the same time.


The Legend
Doesn't blow me away but that being said, would probably be one of my favorites. Of course, everything is at the standard of Steel Vengeance these days so it can be tough to compare. It will be fun, everyone will enjoy, great time. :)


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Pacing seems great for testing! Maybe RMC's best excluding SV/LR from the looks of it. Love the flow of elements too, doesn't seem to have any jarring transitions at all which some seem to have.


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I wasn't sure if it's against any Forum rules since it's not my recording.
Here you go :)
Thanks a lot man. It's great to see the speed in which it is running since I presume this is one of the first test runs. As many have stated, this does look to be a similar -if not slightly more interesting- rido compared to Storm Chaser, which is great news. Now it's time for other european parks to take notice, and start scraping old and rough woodies haha!