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Walibi Belgium - "Enjoy the Day, Fear the Night"!


Almost that time of the year again...Halloween in Walibi Belgium. Started as a small-scale event in 2000, is now a huge event, featuring many animations, + 180 live actors and 7 haunted houses.

The park has now announced more late night openings for 2016, due to its massive popularity. 7 Late night openings till 11 PM, instead of 10 PM like the previous years and one special Terror Night from 6 PM to 11 PM, only on invitation.

It is now also rumoured that the park will open a brand new haunted house for 2016, which brings the total to 8 scare mazes (Walibi's Secret 3D, Zombie River, Project InvaZion, Virus-Z1, Lumberjack, Asylum and Villa 13).

To get an overall view on this amazing event, you can find the official aftermovie for 2015 underneath!



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Re: Walibi Belgium - #HLW16

I need to get to Walibi Belgium for their halloween event, I'm always super-impressed with the scale of the event compared to it's Dutch cousin.


Re: Walibi Belgium - #HLW16

WalibiBand posted some pictures on Facebook with teasers from Walibi Belgium for their upcoming Halloween event. Previous years the park used the zombie theme, followed by the vampire/zombie/hybrid creatures.

When we look at the teasers in the park plus the promotional video for the Terror Night (an exclusive event for a limited number of visitors, with free food and drinks, free entrance to haunted houses, premiere of the finale show,...) it seems the park will start with a new overall theme for the event: steampunk.

Curious how they are going to realize that...




Pictures by Walibi Band, video by Walibi Belgium.


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Hmm, if steampunk isn't done very well or done half arsed, it falls completely flat on it's face. There's quite a few events around the world that have tried to do it and just not managed to do it very well - I think HHN were one of the only ones to really hit the nail on the head when it came down to the 'Saws 'n' Steam' attractions they did!

Looking forward to seeing what they do with it.


More information about the upcoming event are now known thanks to Belgian fansite WalibiBand.

During the late night openings from 10 AM till 11 PM, the event will be devided in three seperate parts:

* 'Enjoy the Day' has a family-friendly Halloween from 10 AM till 5 PM with clowns, friendly ghosts and 16+ haunted house 'Lumberjack' opened for kids as 'Lumberjac'kidz'.

* 'Twilight' from 5 PM till 6 PM, with zombies, freaks and monsters taking over the park.

* 'Fear the Night' has the park transformed into Gaz Town, runned by this steampunk kind of guy named Lord Gazby. He can be found in the new haunted house 'Mine Blast'.

It seems the park says goodbye to the longrunning zombie-themed Halloween, which was been used since 2011. It also means that they say goodbye to Halloweens main character Marva (some kind of hostess for the event, welcoming and greeting them like the rudest way ever. Never forget she said the face of a woman reminded her of her own v*g*na), who was introduced in 2009.

If all the haunted houses re-open this year and add 'Mine Blast', this means the park has a record of 9 haunted houses this year; Toxic River, Panic House 4D, Walibi's Secret, Project InvaZion, Virus-Z1, Villa 13, Lumberjack, Asylum and Mine Blast. However, rumors say the park will open their biggest haunted house with Mine Blast, since the debut of the event in 2000. Mine Blast will be located in the queue of Calamity Mine and - if we may believe rumors - the former indoor queue of Dalton Terror. Which is a pretty huge place and the distance between the two locations is pretty long.

Hope the park will come up with more details about the event, which appears to be bigger than ever this season.


Walibi Belgium launched their Halloween website and revealed their Halloween-event for 2016: "Walibi Halloween: Enjoy The Day - Fear The Night". A total new concept and background story, several new scare zones, a brand new show-concept on late night openings, and a brand new scare zone and haunted house...both the biggest ever build in Belgium.

Enjoy The Day: Familyfriendly Halloween, with circus acts, magicians and a haunted house for kids.

Twilight: Darkness sets in, lights go out, mood lighting gets on, monsters slowly invade the park and take over the event.

Fear The Night: Transformation of the park is complete and all the monsters and freaks are on the loose. Walibi Belgium transforms into hell on earth. From 6 PM till 11 PM.

For 2016, Walibi Belgium presents several scare zones, one being the biggest ever build in Belgium!

Asylum Garden
Mini Monster Land
Quarantine - NEW
Circus Dome - NEW: Funny circus acts during the day, horrible freaks of nature after sundown.
Magic Dome - NEW: Magicians show people their best and most intruiging tricks, after sundown, black magic takes over.
Blood Bar: A bar on an Island in the middle of the parks lake. Only for RIP Pass holders.

Gaz Town: Once a blooming little mine village, led by the great Lord Gazby. Hundreds of miners were working down this mine until tragedy has struck. A huge gas explosion and fire blaze destroyed Gaz Town and swiped this once so blooming village from the map. Hundreds of miners and their families died in this explosion. Those who survided are still trapped in the mine...heavily burned, injured or dead...or aren't they? Lord Gazby survived and some of his compagnons did too, not being maimed for life and...evil!!!

Lord Gazby is the new main character and host for Halloween, after evil zombie leader/circus artist Marva. He can be recognized by his strange eye, high hat and golden gun. A strange appearence and a very unpredictable character. He can be seen during the day, in the most friendly way. However, he doesn't hold back to use his golden gun to shoot people through the head if they dislike him. After sundown, Lord Gazby turns into an evil freak turning Gaz Town into a place of fear and terror.

Of course, there would be no Halloween without the haunted houses. One brand new and the biggest maze ever built in Walibi Belgium (Lumberjack last year seemed like it would never come to an end...) and one being the longest haunted house ever built in Belgium, specially for kids!

Pumpkin River - FREE
Panic House 4D - FREE
Project InvaZion - FREE | Located in the former Ali Baba dark-ride
Lumberjac'kids - FREE, during late night openings for kids only during the afternoon, till 6 PM | Located in the former Ali Baba dark-ride
Villa 13 3 EUR on regular days, 5 EUR on late night openings and 7 EUR on October 31st and November 1st | Located in an actual house, 100 mtrs outside the park
Asylum 3 EUR on regular days, 5 EUR on late night openings and 7 EUR on October 31st and November 1st | Located in the parks dodgems
Lumberjack 3 EUR on regular days, 5 EUR on late night openings and 7 EUR on October 31st and November 1st | Located in the former Ali Baba dark-ride

New for 2016 is Mine Blast, the new haunted house based on the tragedy of Gaz Town. A gas explosion took place in this mine. None of the miners survived. Or didn't they? Hundreds of heavily burnt corpses are rotting inside the passageways of the mine. People descend the mine when true terror strikes and witness and feel what happened on that night when the mine exploded, leaving them shocked, stepping over hundreds of burnt and rotten corpses. Unique concept: people that are visiting the Gaz Town scare zone can participate in the horror and terror of Mine Blast by increasing the level of fear for people that are trapped inside the haunted house. How? Walibi Belgium keeps that a secret until the start of Halloween on October 25th. | 3 EUR on regular days, 5 EUR on late night openings and 7 EUR on October 31st and November 1st | Located over Calamity Mine queue, Dalton Terror former indoor queue and Walibi's Secret 4D walk-through and the areas around Dalton Terror and Calamity Mine.

Halloween in Walibi Belgium, from October 15h till November 6th. Late Night Openings till 11 PM on October 22nd, 29th, 30th an 31st and November 1st, 4th and 5th.


I'd like to read a review from you of each of the attractions :)

Allright...here I go. I'll just put them in order, going from not to scary till scary, or something like that!

Pumpkin River: The Intamin Tow Boat Ride transformed in a family-friendly boatride. This Halloweenride already exists since 2008 as Clowns River, with scary clowns on the shores of the ride, followed by Zombie River and Toxic River, with zombie-like actors who were attacked with somekind of acid. Pumpkin River was a boring version of the ride, with several pumpkins along the way and no actors.

Project InvaZion: Opened in 2012 as Project Z, this was somekind of bootcamp, started by the Belgian government to recrute soldiers to battle against a zombie invasion, led by Marva. Marva was the leading character during Halloween from 2011 till 2015. The goal from this secret army was to save mankind by destroying this evil army of undead. The bootcamp was led by very agressive drill-instructors. And agressive they were. Fun thing about this maze was that it was actually an 'alone-experience', but the parks crew didn't tell visitors untill they were at the entrance of the ride and already passed the queue. Sometimes they let in small groups of two people, however, they were seperated somewhere during this maze. For example by locking one of them up in a very small cage with to many visitors, who were left out one by one. Or this never-ending hallway filled with doors. Sometimes, people were caught in this hallway for 15 mins and this place was ideal to seperate groups. However, it already was a miracle those groups made it together at this part of the maze. They really did push peoples limits in this maze. The actors inside were very agressive and very physical. I remember seeing people pushed against a wall, pulled down on their knees, drillinstructors blowing with a whistle in their ears for a very long time, make them do push and situps, being punished by putting visitors in a corner, made them crawl in a very narrow tunnel...Unfortunately, they made into some kind of alien invasion ride since 2015, many drillinstructors left the maze,...pretty weak, yet nice blacklight decorations making it somekind of camp...

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Haunted House of Madness: A haunted house designed by Belgian DJ's Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, who where still worlds number one DJ's by that time. Both guys are huge fans of the Halloween event at Walibi Belgium and asked the park if they could design a haunted house in the park. Point of this haunted house is that Mike disappeared during a performance at Ibiza and Dimitri asks visitors to help him find his brother. Visitors enter a labyrinth in a cornfield, filled with actors. A special dance/techno soundtrack was made for the maze and visitors have to find the exit of this maze during the playtime of this song. Actually, this haunted house was pretty boring, cause there were only actors with chainsaws and somekind of airpressureguns. Besides that, because of the runtime of the song, you had to get out before the song ends and actors actually led you to the exit.

Quarantine: It was ment to be a scare zone, but because of the amount of actors inside and it had a queue, I think this was more a maze than a scare zone. I loved how they used props and theming from the Virus Z1 in this zone, such as crashed cars, shipping containers, wrecks, oil barrels and many actors who seemed to be infected with this dangerous virus or crazy disease. I loved how actors made you believe they were about to bite or lick visitors in order to infect them. Funny detail was that you also got desinfected with somekind of fluid before and after the ride.

The rest of the haunted houses will be online tomorrow...save the best for the last. So Mine Blast, Villa 13 and Asylum are coming up later :D


Part two of the reviews ;)
Mine Blast: Described as the longest haunted house in Walibi Belgium. And long it was...it contained the former indoor and outdoor queue of Dalton Terror, the zone behind Dalton Terror and Calamity Mine, Calamity Mine queue, zone between the Dalton Burger and the indoor dinner Saloon. Expectations of this house were pretty high actually, yet I wasn't satisfied. It felt like they didn't think things through and all the outdoorscenes in the maze were used as somekind of waiting area for the indoor parts of the maze. After a while, people actually got bored. However, thankfully the park has listened to these arguements made by visitors, so many things were changed later on the event. The indoor parts of the maze were pretty amazing and they did do some new things inside that I had never seen before. The actors makeup for example was...AMAZING. They were all dressed up as burn-victims with black burned skin peeling of, bloody wounds and all dressed with helmets with brains popping out and blue overalls. I don' know how the park does this, but actors were so into their parts and being quit agressive and effective. One scene was very shocking, as visitors were all pushed together against somekind of iron cage and suddenly flame throwers light up very near behind us. Last scene in this ride was somekind of a classic within the park: a room where caged mineworkers are exposed in somekind of courtroom, where they are being accused of making the mines explode. An electric failure occurs and cages open up. Mineworkers escape the cages and cause chaos in the room by attacking visitors with chainsaws, chains and other weapons, finally driving them out in somekind of shock.

Villa 13: A golden oldie in the park, yet one of the better mazes built in the park. A maze designed by Walibi's Halloween godfather Steven Putzeys, who Always chose the strangest locations for the haunted houses. Walibi Belgium purchased a big house that was located 100 meters outside the park and transformed it into Villa 13. They kept all the rooms inside this house intact and added some extra horror. It's presented as a house where a serial killer used to live and the lost souls are still glooming inside this house. You enter this house in somekind of indoor garden. Next, you get into somekind of bedroom where this girl was raped and offers birth to a demonic child. The girl is possessed and scares people passing by her bed. Next room there is this crazy guy who collects porcelain dolls and is yelling at people passing by. Strangely disturbing scene actually. You walk upstairs and pass this room where this guy (loved this one, this guy is amazing) is being caught in a straitjacket. He looks like this transvestite that walked into the rain for way to long and is insulting everyone who walks through this room and is giggling in a very scary way making people very uncomfortable while being held up inhere. You go downstairs again and go to the basement of the house. There is this freezing cold room with several bodybags hanging on the ceiling with arms and legs popping out and an actress is hidden behind these bags, making them swing against people when they walk by. There is also a garage with a car spreading exhaust fume and this choking girl is hidden in these fumes, grabbing people hoping they would evacuate her from this garage. Next to the garage there is a man digging a hole in the floor with a shovel scaring people by hitting the shovel against iron bars. Maybe the plotline of this house isn't amazing, yet the fact that this house is in an actual villa makes it amazing.

Up next: the two best mazes in the park: Lumberjack and the very best: Asylum!!!


For the 2017 season, some new things have leaked!

* 7 haunted houses, including a brand new one on the location of the dodgems. We only know it's named 'Bloc H'.
* No more Pumpkin River due to construction of the new rollercoaster!
* 8 late night openings till 10 PM.
* Return of Lumberjack, Villa 13 and Mine Blast.
* 250(!) scare-actors throughout the park.
* 5 scare zones!


It's that time of the year again. Next week, Walibi Belgium kicks off their annual Halloween event: 'Enjoy the Day, Fear the Night' till November 5th. No more Pumpkin River this year, but welcome to two new haunted houses and two brand new scare zones!

Scare Zones:
Gaz Town:
Returning after the success of 2016: a little miner village being abandoned after a massive gasexplosion, with burn victims and living dead still wandering around.
Phantom Land: A Halloween-zone for little kids at the Walibi Play Land, with pumpkins and friendly monsters.
Mini Monster Land: Another zone for kids with steampunk cowboys, magicians, strange creatures and a magical show.
Quarantine Zone (NEW): The only safe zone after an apocalyps, with a world taken over by mutants and zombies. Or is it that safe?
Metamorphobia (NEW): A gated zone offering transforming zombies and monsters a place to transform. A zone where half-transformed creatures attack!
District H (NEW): Chained prisoners get the chance to have a bit of fresh air on a prisons courtyard. Fences and barbed wire should prevent them from escaping. But is that really a good idea?

Haunted Houses:
Villa 13:
A true classic. 100 meters from the park houses a villa, once inhabited by a psychopath. No moral boundaries and each room hides total madness. (3 EUR)
Project InvaZion: Once a military basecamp to save humanity, now taken over by an alien source, ready to invade the human race. (FREE)
Quarantine (NEW): After the outbreak of a lethal virus, infected people look for help in this - what they think - safe place. But the virus is taking over this camp slowly...(FREE)
Lumberjack: In the middle of a gloomy forrest, visitors enter the workplace of a murderous lumberjack and his psycho helpers. (3 EUR)
Mine Blast: A huge gasexplosion in a mine killed several miners, after suffering a gruesome death battle. But are they dead? And what happened in this mine during the explosion? (3 EUR)
Bloc H (NEW): Escaping this highly secured prison seems impossible. Prisoners tried, but had to give up their attempts. They are all in their cells, but are they as innocent as they try to be? People are welcome for a guided and peacefull tour around the building, but it will come to a terrifying end... (5 EUR)
On October 14th and 15th, all haunted houses are for free!

Eight 16+ late night openings till 10 PM!

Blood Bar
: The bar on an Island on the middle of the park's lake is now accesible for people without RIP Passes (5 EUR entrance, one free drink)



Villa 13



Project InvaZion






Mine Blast


Bloc H

Source: Walibi Belgium, TPR (pictures), ThemeParkVision (pictures), Looopings (pictures), WalibiBand (pictures) and N8N Rides (pictures)



Meanwhile in Wavre, Halloween is in full preparation!

Metamorphobia zone


Quarantine outdoor haunted house (located where the Mega Coaster will open in 2021)

Mine Blast (located in the queue of and around Calamity Mine)




Bloc H (located in the park's dodgems)

Pictures by Les Accros de Walibi Belgium on Facebook


A video from the first day of Halloween in Walibi Belgium. In this video: new scare-zone District H, scare zone Gaz Town, a little shot from the Mine Blast haunted house, the Quarantine haunted house and the Project InvaZion haunted house!

Video from Pleasure Gardens


For 2018, Walibi Belgium says goodbye to haunted house 'Villa 13', after 5 years of service. The maze will be replaced by a brand new maze:


Also new is the amount of entertainment, featuring a kiddie magician show, a fireshow during late night openings and a brand new show by Aaron Crow, known from Britains Got Talent and Americas Got Talent.

Pre-movie for Halloween 2018 by Walibi Belgium:



@KristofWB I'm going to this event now for the first time ever and I have some questions for you :p
How busy does it get durning the days (for the normal attractions) on 1) The free days (No nocturne, free entry to houses) 2) The Standard days (Till 6P.M., but no free entry in houses) 3) The nocturnes
I'm planning on going for attractions on one of the days like 1) and Going for the houses on one of the days like 2)

Also a bit back I read some of your reviews and saw stuff about physicallity? Are they allowed to? Is this different for all 3 options above in how the actors do act?


During Halloween, every line in the park is long. Even on the coasters and such. I think you are pretty lucky to go during the first weekend. There might be big crowds, but only for the haunted houses because they are for free. On standard days, the park is mostly pretty crowded, rides as well as mazes. Nocturnes are always extremely busy, with waiting times between 1 hour and 2 hours. Haunted houses are even worse, with waiting times that might be 2,5 to 3 hours on October 31st and November 1st. I can only advise to buy a RIP Pass when you see the park is very crowded.

Actors in Walibi Belgium might be very physical. In Walibi Belgium, actors are not very much like 'booh' and pass on. They often slow people down, push them into corners, force them to their knees, scream into ears, pull and push, make people crawl through scenes...every haunted house also has a massive amount of actors inside. For 2018, Walibi Belgium has hired over 350 scare actors, on the streets and in the mazes. How hands-on they are depends in which haunted house. For example, the new maze for 2018, Black Rose, is cannibalism themed. Might be possible some pushing, pulling,...

Anyway, I wish you a great day in Walibi Belgium! Let me know how it was ;)