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VinWonders | Phú Quốc, Vietnam | Theme Park


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Some great pictures from the Enclosed Vekoma suspended coaster going to VinWounders Phu Quoc, this has some amazing theming during the ride and seems to have a pre show to .
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source: https://www.themeparx.com/vinwonders-phu-quoc-vinpearl-theme-parks/

While it has been open since 2020 i have never seen a full POV for this indoor Vekoma suspended coaster. In the images above the queue, pre-show, station and ride are all themed fantastically. Finally i found a POV.

The POV i dont think does the ride justice but its still cool to see.
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The siren, random lasers, quiet audio... IMMERSIVE.

Jokes aside, some of this is really cool and it's nice to see a coaster of this scale being used in an indoor environment. The zodiac symbols were my favourite element.