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Villain-con Minion Blast - Universal Florida, Moving walkway 'ride'.


Hyper Poster
Due to open this season at Universal studios Florida in the old Shrek 4D building is a new interactive dark'ride'.

I heard mention of this a while back and was intrigued by the utilisation of a moving walkway as a ride system, basically an Omnimover without any cars! We've all been on them at airports - the moving walkways that save us leg power on the long walks to flight gates!
It does make me wonder how they'll deal with spacing issues if people can free move on on a system - but still I'm intrigued by the potential!



Hyper Poster
I’ve heard… not great things. Too many people in the attraction at the mo so the screens are a mess. Might be better when less people on the walkways which they can adjust.

Sadly, it’s also largely based on the villains shown in Rise of Gru… which is a dreadful throwaway film. Shame.